Open Your Mind To Open Roof

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Open Your Mind To Open Roof

Why spend thousands of dollars every month to cool a greenhouse with exhaust fans when nature can do it for free? An open-roof greenhouse can drive down your energy costs significantly–but for many, this option has been priced out of reach. 

X.S. Smith, however, believes the Sun Ridge is an answer to affordability questions. Unlike traditional polyethylene covered-roof vents that only provide a narrow opening on one side of the ridge, the Sun Ridge is a double-roof vent that provides a full 7-foot, 6-inch-wide opening at the center of the roof that leads straight up to the sky. 
When used in combination with side-wall or end-wall vents, the Sun Ridge creates a solar chimney to naturally ventilate greenhouses. It allows a greater volume of hot air to escape at a much faster rate and mimics the outdoor-like feel of an open-roof greenhouse for a fraction of the cost.

About The Sun Ridge

- Standard vents available for 4- or 6-foot bow spacing.
- Available for arched and peaked roof shapes.
- Vents can be operated independently or in zones.
- Offered for new construction and existing greenhouses.
- Can be installed on non-X.S. Smith greenhouses.
- Available for both freestanding and gutter-connected greenhouses.
For more information on the Sun Ridge, contact an X.S. Smith representative at 800-631-2226 or visit the company’s website at
The Sun Ridge can be purchased if you’ve recently invested in an X.S. Smith greenhouse, or it can easily be installed on your existing one. If your greenhouse is not an X.S. Smith structure, you can still have a Sun Ridge vent. X.S. Smith can provide a retrofit for nearly any arch-top, peaked roof or gothic-style greenhouse–for both freestanding and gutter-connected structures.

No More Teardown

It is no longer necessary to tear down a 30-year-old building and invest in a new structure to increase plant quality or decrease operating costs. With a Sun Ridge vent, it is possible to transform an outdated greenhouse into a modern, efficient growing environment. From pansies to poinsettias or wholesale to retail, the Sun Ridge is an upgrade for any greenhouse.
A little money goes a long way with the Sun Ridge. Requiring the same motors as a traditional roof vent, the Sun Ridge more than doubles a grower’s vent opening without doubling a grower’s investment in equipment. 
Are you planning to change your polyethylene covering this year? Are you looking for ways to reduce your operating expenses? Are your noisy exhaust fans creating an unpleasant shopping environment for your customers? Or, do your plants simply need more direct sunlight to thrive? If so, the addition of a Sun Ridge vent to a greenhouse makes sense.

Chris Smith is Southeast territory manager at X.S. Smith. You can eMail Smith at

Amy Rigazio works in the X.S. Smith engineering department.

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