Svensson Now Shades With White

Svensson Now Shades With White

Need to keep your plants from overheating? Ludvig Svensson has a solution. 

Svensson has developed an external screen called OLS White, which reflects light and heat away from plants unlike black shades. OLS White is made with highly reflective white films and does not retain heat during the night.

Instead, it provides daytime shade to cool greenhouse temperatures. OLS White also has an open structure that allows air and moisture to pass through easily, and it can be manufactured in 30-percent, 40-percent or 50-percent shading. 

“OLS White is a great choice for growers simply looking to shade crops and avoid greenhouse overheating,” says Kurt Parbst, president of Svensson’s North and South American subsidiary. “It’s a powerful tool that contributes to a superior growing environment.” 

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