Acrylic Covering Offers Savings

Acrylic Covering Offers Savings

Acrylite Deglas acrylic sheets from New Jersey-based Evonik Cyro LLC help reduce energy consumption and cost.

“We aren’t just paying lip service here, we intend to show that our high-tech material enables users throughout the continent to take cost-effective and environmentally conscious action,” says Stephen Costanzo, general manager of Evonik Cyro’s acrylic sheet business line.

Acrylite Deglas double-skinned acrylic sheets reduce energy consumption in greenhouses with their favorable heat insulation, and therefore automatically cut an operator’s carbon dioxide emissions. Growers can make an active contribution to climate protection and reduce their monthly overheads at the same time.

“Saving energy means cutting costs and carbon dioxide,” says Michael Ehmann, North American Acrylite Deglas manager. “Greenhouses represent a major long-term investment. By planning with foresight and using Acrylite Deglas sheet products, these potential savings can be secured for decades. That is an ideal combination.”

Evonik Cyro is building an energy savings campaign around its new product. Learn more about it.

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