Aquascape Green Roof Collapses

Heavy snows in the Chicago area caused the covered parking lot structure holding portions of Aquascape Inc.’s green roof to collapsed on February 13. The The company’s main warehouse sustained window damage in the collapse. According to the company, nearly 21 inches of snow had fallen in less than 24 hours accompanied by freezing temperatures, later followed by above freezing temperatures causing a quick thaw. An ice dam at the base is suspected to have backed the water up over the parking structure causing its collapse.

The accident occurred on a Sunday, so no one was injured. “We are so lucky that no inventory was damaged,” added Roberto Cosme, Aquascape’s Warehouse Manager. “As soon as we are cleared to go back into the building, it should be business as usual.”

The snow damage caused a temporary loss of power to the Aquascape headquarters, affecting the company’s phone, e-mail and Internet. For inquiries and customer support, the company asked customers to contact its toll-free phone number, 1-866-877-6637 or send emails to

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