Company Launches Automated Outdoor Hydroponic Greenhouse

SuperCloset Hydroponics broke ground this week to build its first automated outdoor hydroponic greenhouse. Located on the side of the SuperCloset warehouse in San Francisco, Calif., a press release indicates the super greenhouse will showcase the company’s many hydroponic systems. It will also feature Sasquatch, an 18-foot-tall vertical grow system, next to the outdoor greenhouse.

In addition to the company’s super greenhouse showroom, SuperCloset has created a turnkey hydroponics greenhouse product line. According to the press release, the greenhouse packages allow consumers to build a structure to transform a home gardener into a commercial farmer.

“SuperCloset is extremely excited to add the outdoor greenhouse line to the indoor gardening line because now SuperCloset will truly have a solution for every season of the year,” says Production Director Nick Schweitzer in the press release.

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