Green Circle Going Strong

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I was fortunate to visit Green Circle last year. Since my visit then, Green Circle has installed five brand-new biomass boilers that heat all 90 acres of the operation’s greenhouses–even its greenhouses located across the street. Green Circle has an extremely impressive system for its massive boilers, starting with its wood chip storage facility and ending in a facility with five the Vynche boilers.

Green Circle’s orchid production is a sight to see, as well. It produces about 1.35 million orchids each year and services Walmart, Home Depot and grocery chains. Green Circle’s orchid business with those customers did so well this spring, in fact, that additional greenhouses will be built for more production.

In all, Green Circle has 12 bays with orchids and each bay can store 100,000 to 104,000 orchids.

Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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