Growers Supply: Enhance Your Image

Mark Halla had been in the nursery and landscape business all his life. After working many years in the family business his grandfather began in 1942, he and his wife, Kay, started The Mustard Seed Landscaping & Garden Center in Chaska, Minn., in late 2003. As their business grew, they moved from their basement office to a leased farm to buying their own property on Highway 212. As they settled into this space, they decided they needed a greenhouse for growing, maintaining and selling annuals and perennials.

Their newest greenhouse is a ClearSpan Majestic gutter-connect greenhouse from Growers Supply. The structure is 84 feet wide with three 72-foot-long bays. “We chose the Majestic because it worked not only for retail sales but could also be used for year-round growing,” Mark says. “As a new business, watching our expenses has been crucial and we were able to save over 50 percent. By doing a cost/benefit analysis, we determined there was no better value than the Majestic Greenhouse with polycarbonate sides and roof. It is so well built, we expect it to last at least 20 years, even with our Minnesota winters.”

During the construction process, he found he needed additional product, as well as a design modification for the gutter, due to snow and ice. “Growers Supply had the additional product delivered within a week and the design modification was completed overnight.”

The structure also enhances The Mustard Seed’s image with customers. “Even though I didn’t spend a fortune on the greenhouse, my customers think I did,” he says. “Our business looks successful and stable, and our customers seem to have a greater sense of trust once they see our beautiful setup.”

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