New Svensson Screens Let More Light In

Climate screens with light-diffusing properties have tended to use a transparent material to achieve diffusion, but Svensson has developed a new range of screens that provide a higher grade of diffusion using both transparent and white strips. The screens are solar reflecting, and they’re suitable for cut flowers and pot plants.

The XLS Harmony Revolux is being introduced at Horti Fair.

Not unlike other forms of light diffusion, the key benefit of a Harmony screen is its ability to allow more light onto the crop while maintaining a lower temperature. And because the light reaches the plant from more angles, the upper canopies are less inclined to overheat.

To understand how high-grade light diffusion can benefit the crop in real life, Harmony screens were installed at the Guzman/Europlantas greenhouse in Spain under the control of Danish production manager Benny Hansen.

Guzman/Europlantas produces ornamental pot plants and offers more than 200 varieties. Hansen began the experiment by comparing the Harmony screen with an existing solar reflection screen in two identical greenhouse sections of roses. Over three years, he discovered Harmony screens offer:

- Significantly more light and lessen greenhouse temperature by 2°C.
–A more even moisture content throughout the plant, which leads to a reduced need for water and nutrition. The plants are less stressed more harmonious.
–An intensified growing period for some plants.

For more information about Svensson and its Harmony screens, click here.

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