Orchid Grower Silver Vase Adds New Facility

Orchid Grower Silver Vase Adds New Facility[imageviewer]




Orchid and bromeliad producer Silver Vase has added a new facility in Central Florida. It has contracted to use Magic Tropicals’ facility in Apopka, Fla., to flower, pack and ship Silver Vase’s European varieties.

“Demand for our beautiful and long-lasting products has far exceeded expectations, and we immediately went into action with a solution that allows us to seamlessly serve our customers’ increased needs and higher expectations while maintaining our signature level of service and quality,” says Silver Vase CEO Andrew Bartha. “Added to that, our customers will enjoy further time savings on shorter distribution distance, greater trucking options and larger plant availability, and will be able to pick up product at one of the great horticultural hubs of our country.”

This arrangement allows Silver Vase to supply an additional 17,000 orchids and 4,000 bromeliads a week, along with its new line of Tea Cup orchids. All orders will be handled by Silver Vase’s Homestead sales team, making the process seamless for customers. Shipping will begin Jan. 1.

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