Stuppy’s CS3 A-Frame And Mor-Space Benches

Stuppy’s CS3 A-frame house

Stuppy’s CS3, the next generation A-frame house, is ideal for growers, retail lawn and garden centers and schools. The improved design expedites construction for new houses and attaching to existing structures. This is especially beneficial for first time builders, but it is helpful for the seasoned builder as well.

“The trusses themselves are engineered with the builder in mind. Because of the factory hole-punching, there’s no guess work in the field,” says Bob Miller of Miller Construction. The engineered steel frame is designed for maximum equipment load while maintaining a 12-foot column and truss spacing. The CS3 meets current IBC structural building codes.

Stuppy’s redesigned Mor-Space benches eliminate criss-cross bracing for ease of assembly. Now equipped with lateral 1.315 bracing, assembly in the field is easier than ever. While many aspects of the benches have been standardized, customization is available to best fit grower needs. Rails are standard 2.5-inches high and a 4.5-inch rail is available for flood trays or other needs. Overhang on the ends of the benches is consistently 6 inches, with an option for ADA approved overhang, which could benefit schools.

“The goal was to simplify the design of the benches, which would also ease construction, while maintaining strength and durability,” says Chris Peterman, lead engineer for the redesign. “We added new aluminum corners that are curved for seamless design.”

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