Modine’s Latest Heaters Improve Efficiency

Modine's Latest Heaters Improve Efficiency

The Effinity93 from Modine Manufacturing Company has a full line of six models ranging from 135,000 to 310,000 BTUs per hour. All six models operate at 93 percent efficiency, giving growers a more efficient way to heat greenhouses so they can dramatically lower their energy bills, decrease fuel consumption and keep their environments controlled for optimal comfort and safety.

“We developed the Effinity93 line to provide commercial HVAC users an option that meets the energy needs of tomorrow, drives down energy costs and creates a substantial return on investment–benefits that are clear to the end user,” says Matt McBurney, director of Modine’s commercial products group. “We strived to include standard benefits that would make it an attractive and convenient addition to any building project or pre-existing facility.”

The Effinity93 features Modine’s Conservicore technology, a high-grade stainless steel secondary heat exchanger specifically designed to withstand the acidic condensate that is a byproduct of the combustion process.

Users of the Effinity93 will also benefit from a design that promises faster installation with lower installation costs. It can be vented as either a two-pipe or concentric vent system for maximum flexibility with either 3-inch or 4-inch PVC vent piping for quick, simple and cost-effective installations. Smaller and lighter, the Effinity93 delivers 93 percent efficiency in the same box size as Modine’s 80 percent efficient PTS model line.

Another standard feature of the Effinity93 is a contractor convenience package that allows for easy connectivity and trouble-shooting.

“The new efficiency standard we’re unveiling is a major bottom-line advantage for customers, but this is also a feature-driven unit,” says Richard Boothman, director of North American sales for the commercial products group. “The 93 percent efficiency standard means a substantial energy savings. It’s environmentally friendly, pocket book friendly and user friendly.”

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