Which Is More Efficient? Hot Water Heater Vs. Compact Boiler

When it comes to heating a bench in the most energy efficient way, would you use a hot water heater or compact boiler?

Kinsch Village Florist & Greenhouse’s Ken Kinsch asks the Fresh Air Forum community for advice.

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2 comments on “Which Is More Efficient? Hot Water Heater Vs. Compact Boiler

  1. Morris Brink

    A compact boiler is more efficient. A hot water heater is often only around 80% efficient and you are heating the water in the tank all day, even when you do not need to heat your bench. A small boiler is on-demand, without heating a tank of water. You can purchase a little hall hung, condensing boiler that can be around 95% efficient. A big fuel savings!

  2. lloyd traven

    A compact boiler will likely be more efficient, if only because it does not try to keep a mass of water at a specific temp all the time, but burns only as needed. Hot water heaters are also NOT designed for incoming hot water to return, but for cold water incoming only. The boiler is designed as a closed loop—but you MUST protect it against cold water shock when it first fires. Downside—cost of the boiler will be higher, and you need to deal with the condensate runoff (HIGHLY acidic).