April 7, 2017

PanAmerican Promotes Pentas, Plug-and-Play, and Veggies; Kieft Seed and Darwin Perennials Help Growers Program Perennials; Burpee’s Brand Refresh

On Day 5 of the California Spring Trials, the Greenhouse Grower team hit the Southern California Trials and saw a multitude of new introductions and exciting programs.

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April 6, 2017

Dr. Allan Armitage’s Top Picks From Ball and GroLink At California Spring Trials 2017

Here are Dr. Allan Armitage’s five variety picks, plus one display, from on Day 5 of CAST 2017.

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Newflora Kordes Roses

April 1, 2017

Ball Horticultural Expands Garden and Potted Rose Offerings

Ball Horticultural Company has purchased the assets of Newflora LLC, which included the master license to sell an extensive line of garden and potted rose offerings throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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santos flare

December 20, 2016

Ball Horticultural Expands Potted Plant Offerings With Purchase Of Ex-Plant

Ex-Plant, which specializes in potted plants, will become a part of Ball’s PanAmerican Seed division.

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Janikia Eckert

September 4, 2016

All-America Selections Presents Achievement Awards At Its Summer Summit

Jim Nau of Ball Horticultural received the AAS Medallion of Honor, while Janika Eckert of Johnny’s Selected Seeds took home the Breeders Cup.

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Wave Petunias Team

May 3, 2016

Hot Pink Wave-Rave Van Making Its Way To The Big Apple To Promote Wave Petunias And Pansies

Imagine driving down the road, minding your own business, when you’re passed by two smiling, waving, happy women driving a hot-pink van that’s adorned with petunia and pansy flowers. That’s not something you see every day, but motorists in the Midwest and Northeast may catch a glimpse of the Wave-Rave van this week as Ball Horticultural Co.’s Claire Watson, Product Marketing Manager, and Katie Rotella, Marketing Communications Manager, make their way to a media tour and plant giveaway in New York City. Watson and Rotella visited Cleveland’s WOIO Channel 19 news on Tuesday morning to tell consumers about Wave Petunias and Wave Pansies, and remind them to visit their local garden centers to purchase gifts for Mother’s Day this weekend. Check out this clip on Periscope. After the morning news, the ladies stopped by to visit the Greenhouse Grower staff at Meister Media Worldwide in Willoughby, OH. Next stop: Chelsea Garden Center in Brooklyn, NY, where […]

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Seed Your Future Logo

March 8, 2016

Longwood Gardens And American Society For Horticultural Science Launch New Initiative To Promote The Value Of Horticulture

Under the direction of co-chairs Paul B. Redman of Longwood Gardens and Anna Ball of Ball Horticultural Company, the “Seed Your Future” initiative is designed to combat declining awareness of horticulture while promoting it as a viable career choice.

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Anna Ball

September 25, 2013

Anna Ball Named To Floriculture Hall Of Fame

Society of American Florists presents the floral industry's highest honor to CEO of Ball Horticultural Company.

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July 3, 2013

Petunia ‘Cha-Ching Cherry’ Is Selected As The 2013 Readers’ Choice Award Winner

Petunia ‘Cha-Ching Cherry’ from Ball FloraPlant is an eye-catcher due to its deep wine-colored flowers with a light yellow star. A compact mounded habit adds to the appeal of this grower-friendly plant, which is perfect for hanging baskets and combination planters. This unique and special petunia is still grower-friendly. Produce and time it alongside other popular novelty petunias. ‘Cha-Ching Cherry’ makes stunning hanging baskets A height of 10 to 16 inches and spread of 16 to 10 inches make it a versatile plant for landsape beds and gardens as well. and it shows equally well in mixed containers.

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May 16, 2013

Ball Ornamentals To Distribute Through McHutchison

Ball Ornamentals has reached a distribution agreement with McHutchison to expand the sales of its unique line of nursery plants. Beginning in June 2013, Ball Ornamentals will extend access of its product catalog to McHutchison sales representatives who sell woody ornamentals. McHutchison will include Ball Ornamentals products in its assortment of liners for nursery growers and finished products for their garden center customers. “Our distribution agreement with McHutchison, coupled with the strength of the Ball Ornamentals sales team, will help us broaden our reach to nurseries across the country,” says Pete Kruger, general manager of Ball Ornamentals. “This larger sales base will also attract more innovative new products from our breeder network, further enhancing our position in innovative shrub color for nurseries and garden centers nationwide.” For more information about its current lineup of unique woody ornamental plants, visit the Ball Ornamentals website.

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April 16, 2013

Ball Introduces Tough New Verbena Enduro And Geranium Double Take Series

A new verbena series named for its endurance and a geranium bred for its toughness are among the standouts at this year’s Ball Horticultural Spring Trials stop.  Geranium Double Take Series (Selecta) Double Take is a brand-new series from Selecta and is named for its double flowers that don’t shatter. To make the point at this year’s Spring Trials, Selecta had a large, blooming plant on a mechanical-bull-type rotating structure that shook the plant all day long. The flowers seemed to hold on tight. This series now includes four colors: Red, Pink, Scarlet and White. It has the heat tolerance of an interspecific hybrid and the shelf life of a zonal. The finished size is 12 to 14 inches tall and wide. Verbena Enduro Series (Ball FloraPlant) The Enduro series has the hardiness of Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’ with the additional benefit that it flowers steadily throughout the summer instead of […]

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April 11, 2013

Allan Armitage On His Favorites At Florist Holland, Hort Couture, PlantHaven, Flamingo Holland and Ball

Florist Having visited Florist in years past, I was looking forward to seeing some gerbera daisies, and I was certainly not disappointed. I am not sure how many of you grow gerberas, but those that do must check out their innovative selections. Some of the biggest flowers in the most outrageous colors can be found in their Patio series, as seen in the Volcano and Everglade. However, my choice for my daughters’ gardens is the Garvinea series, a group of landscape gerberas with an especially long flowering period. I looked at all of them (and there are a lot!), but my eyes always went back to the iridescent ‘Orangina.’ I have a feeling that most women would not make this their first choice, but it was impossible not to admire. I will be trialing these again and I will keep you posted — in the meantime, try a few Garvineas, […]

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