April 16, 2013

Ball Introduces Tough New Verbena Enduro And Geranium Double Take Series

A new verbena series named for its endurance and a geranium bred for its toughness are among the standouts at this year’s Ball Horticultural Spring Trials stop.  Geranium Double Take Series (Selecta) Double Take is a brand-new series from Selecta and is named for its double flowers that don’t shatter. To make the point at this year’s Spring Trials, Selecta had a large, blooming plant on a mechanical-bull-type rotating structure that shook the plant all day long. The flowers seemed to hold on tight. This series now includes four colors: Red, Pink, Scarlet and White. It has the heat tolerance of an interspecific hybrid and the shelf life of a zonal. The finished size is 12 to 14 inches tall and wide. Verbena Enduro Series (Ball FloraPlant) The Enduro series has the hardiness of Verbena ‘Homestead Purple’ with the additional benefit that it flowers steadily throughout the summer instead of […]

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April 11, 2013

Allan Armitage On His Favorites At Florist Holland, Hort Couture, PlantHaven, Flamingo Holland and Ball

Florist Having visited Florist in years past, I was looking forward to seeing some gerbera daisies, and I was certainly not disappointed. I am not sure how many of you grow gerberas, but those that do must check out their innovative selections. Some of the biggest flowers in the most outrageous colors can be found in their Patio series, as seen in the Volcano and Everglade. However, my choice for my daughters’ gardens is the Garvinea series, a group of landscape gerberas with an especially long flowering period. I looked at all of them (and there are a lot!), but my eyes always went back to the iridescent ‘Orangina.’ I have a feeling that most women would not make this their first choice, but it was impossible not to admire. I will be trialing these again and I will keep you posted — in the meantime, try a few Garvineas, […]

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March 11, 2013

Daniels Plant Food Rebranded As Nature’s Source

Ball DPF has announced the launch of Nature’s Source, a rebranding in name and packaging for its seed extract-based plant fertilizer product Daniels Plant Food. The new brand will make its industry debut at California Spring Trials. “While we are proud of our heritage, we made this bold decision because we’re expanding sales to our existing market segments and entering new ones. It was a good opportunity to start with a fresh name and a modern look for all our products and packaging,” says Chance Finch, general manager for Ball DPF. “We wanted to make it obvious, beginning with our Nature’s Source brand name, to know our products are sourced from nature. Growers, contractors and gardeners can be confident that our effective and unique formulations remain unchanged. We’re excited about launching updated packaging for all our products, and especially the new ready-to-spray plant food for home gardeners.” The Nature’s Source brand […]

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