June 4, 2010

Dewar Nurseries: Making The Grade

It’s not too often you find a blooming potted plant specialist who also is big in outdoor nursery production. You may find it with a specialist in a particular genus, like azaleas, but not with a full assortment of florist-grade blooming potted plants spanning roses, hydrangeas, Easter lilies, kalanchoes and more. Dewar Nurseries in Apopka, Fla., is a strong force in two distinctly different markets–indoor blooming potted plants, which mostly revolve around holidays, and shrub roses for the outdoor garden market. As a result, the precise attention to detail and quality demanded for mass market floral carries over to nursery crop production. “The outside garden is more flexible. Floral crops have to be ready on the day,” says Bill Dewar, president of the company. “Easter lilies, for example, have to be in bloom with one bud cracking open as they go to the distribution warehouse. You have to measure each […]

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