June 20, 2013

Rob O’Hara Is A Head Grower of the Year Nominee

For the second consecutive year, Rob O’Hara is a finalist for Head Grower of the Year. As someone who has truly helped to grow a business from the ground up, O’Hara’s reputation is synonymous with hands-on innovation, education, crop quality and leadership. In the 16 years O’Hara has been at Rainbow Greenhouses, the company has grown from just two acres to three fully automated locations that will grow to 50 acres by next year, with a 200-person staff.  O’Hara grew up in the greenhouse at his parents’ small operation on the prairie in Alberta, Canada. He studied greenhouse management at Alberta’s Olds College, where he continues to dedicate time and resources to up-and-coming students. Currently, he is helping students there research the use of renewable biochar to enrich growing media. Education has always been a focus for O’Hara, who promotes horticulture at a local secondary school program, where he mentors […]

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September 13, 2012

Grower Of The Year Award: All-Time Winners

2012 Operation Of The Year – James Greenhouses, Colbert, Ga. Head Grower Of The Year – Joe Moore, Lucas Greenhouses, Monroeville, N.J. 2011 Operation Of The Year – Bob’s Market & Greenhouses, Mason, W.Va. Head Grower Of The Year – Mike Friddle, Speedling, Sun City, Fla. 2010 Operation of the Year – Metrolina Greenhouses, Huntersville, N.C.  Head Grower Of The Year – Regina Coronado, Stacy’s Greenhouses, York, S.C. 2009 George and Louise Lucas, Lucas Greenhouses, Monroeville, N.J., for its high-tech and modern production. 2008 Mark Elzinga & Roger Rosenthal, Elzinga & Hoeksema Greenhouses, Portage, Mich., for their investment in sustainable production and alternative energy. 2007 Tim Wada, The Plug Connection, Vista, Calif., for creating opportunities for growers in organics and leadership in young plants. 2006 Raker Family, C. Raker & Sons, Litchfield, Mich., for their progressive corporate culture and leadership in young plants. 2005 Lloyd & Candy Traven, Peace Tree […]

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