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State Of The Supply Chain

The greenhouse supply chain has evolved since 2000 like no other time in industry history. These dramatic changes were driven by a number of factors, including: • Consolidation at all levels of the chain • The massive explosion of retail space in the 1980s and 1990s • Power shifts from growers to retailers • The

Box Stores And Facebook: How Social Media Has Changed Sales

How many box stores are seeing direct sales in plants from social media? That was a question on the minds of attendees at OFA Short Course’s Grower Town Hall. Here are the thoughts of the grower panel.  “I am a Facebook advocate. We don’t get a lot of Likes each week, but we see visits

Garden Retail 2013: Chicago

The weather in Chicago was perfect and the shoppers were out in huge numbers filling almost every garden center we visited on May 18 to 19, 2013. Home Depot was the most crowded, with a busy parking lot. In looking closely at a number of shopping carts, customers were buying a wide variety of items,

Garden Retail 2013 Report: Hartford, Conn.

The Hartford area is a mixture of some outstanding IGCs and the usual spread of national retailers based on population density. My visit was June 12 (warm with intermittent rain) and June 13 (cool and rainy). There was not much traffic in any garden center during this two-day retail tour. In almost all stores, whether

Big Box Pricing Report: Mother’s Day Hanging Baskets And Annuals

Online store circulars offer a glimpse into the hot deals mass merchandisers are promoting to their customers. This May, annuals, perennials, edibles and shrubs were all over store circulars at Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart. Take a look into two weekends worth of data from online store circulars from stores in St. Louis, Mo., Portland,

Big Box Competition Report: The Full Data

Here’s the full data from Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart online store circulars for the weekends of May 10 and May 17. Here is the data for May 10.   Home Depot Lowe’s Walmart St. Louis, Mo.        hanging baskets  #12 Laurel premium hanging basket $16.98; 10-inch Olympic hanging basket $7.98; 11-inch Infinity hanging

2012 Poinsettia Sales At Big Box Stores

After visiting 64 big box stores in Florida and Michigan, I observed little change from last season in terms of the poinsettia market. I would say, however, the fact that Black Friday has now turned into Filthy Thursday is getting old and tired, with the industry featuring a $0.99 poinsettia that in some cases may