October 21, 2010

Nash Greenhouse: Learning On The Fly

Howard Nash didn’t grow up in a family greenhouse business like so many others have. And the first industries in which he worked–electronics and medical transcriptions–had little to do with greenhouse floriculture. But it’s Nash’s other experiences, as well as his son Mark’s, that make Nash Greenhouse unique. The father-and-son team jumped cold turkey into the industry when it purchased the Kalamazoo operation formerly known as Dick’s Greenhouse in 2003. Back then, the Nash family was working with 8 ½ acres of production space. But in the seven years since, the operation has expanded to nearly 25 acres considering all the plant material that ultimately flows through Nash Greenhouse. “Our investment is going great,” Howard says. “We’ve had growth. We’ve been very blessed. We have taken a different approach than a lot of other people, too. We like to be a little more diversified. We don’t have all our eggs […]

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