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5 Keys To Successful Purchasing

According to distributor representatives from Griffin Greenhouse Supplies, Ball Seed and BFG, growers can save money by following this checklist: ■ Keep good records of what you’ve purchased in years past. ■ Pool your orders together to save money, get good terms and reduce delivery charges. ■ Make plans at least one year ahead on

3 Items Growers Should Always Have On Hand

Dan Morrissey, construction manager for Griffin Greenhouse Supplies, says no matter what, there are three essential items growers should have: • Back up generator: “These are sometimes overlooked, but if you lose power, you lose everything,” Morrissey says. “I have customers who don’t have them but a generator is one of the most important pieces

Taking Time To Educate Consumers Pays Off

How many springs have we been hearing customers lament over failed echinaceas? “Fancy” echinaceas (peach, salmon, mango, yellow, doubles, shaggy, hideous) are not our native purple coneflowers — not even close. They have been infused with blood from at least four other species, none of which are as vigorous or tough as the purple coneflower.

Grower Trials Benefit The Whole Industry [Opinion]

Each year, growers are faced with the choice of what to grow for the following spring. It’s an important decision requiring evaluation of a number of factors: what sold well last year, what shipped well, what will fit into the production schedule, what had a decent profit margin. And then there are the hundreds of

Welby Gardens Finds Many Benefits In Having Its Own Trial Gardens

Running trial gardens used to be the primary responsibility of university horticulture departments and breeders. But the number of growers who are maintaining their own trials is increasing. Greenhouse Grower talked to Al Gerace, owner of Welby Gardens in Denver, Colo., about why he thinks it is worth the time and effort to have his own trial garden.