Facebook's Boosted Post

June 3, 2014

Is Facebook’s Free Ride For Marketers Over?

With changes to the Facebook newsfeed algorithm, Page posts are losing their reach. Will ads be the only way to find an audience now?

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April 7, 2014

Sakata Goes Big On Social Media

Social media is a tough thing for growers to use well, but Sakata's Spring Trials displays offer ways – and reasons – you can and should give this marketing tool another look.

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March 10, 2014

The Social Media Share: How To Keep The Content Flowing

Keeping social media accounts stocked with good information can be a challenge. Here are some thoughts on how to find fresh, new content to share with your followers.

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Trash can container on Pinterest

February 10, 2014

Listening To Gardeners On Pinterest

Gardeners share their picks for best garden trends every day on Pinterest. Are we listening?

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Hermann Engelmanns Sandra Kitain, Chuck Romagnoli and Erin Leonard

August 12, 2013

Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses Reaches Out To Consumers With Merchandising, Web Presence And Social Media

Do you grow foliage and houseplants? If not, it might be time to consider it. In a recent Today’s Garden Center magazine survey, of those garden retailers who carry houseplants, 54.3 percent report an increase in sales in 2013. Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses reports good news, as well, with a 5 percent increase within the foliage segment in the past year. So how does the operation plan to keep the good times rolling? The formula for this grower includes marketing directly to the consumer through in-store materials, a loaded website and an active social media presence. But the message being broadcast through all these media is the same — to inspire the customer to create home décor designs and to educate with plant care tips that will turn timid gardeners into experts. “We want to transition our product from a commodity item to a home décor item,” says Erin Leonard, director […]

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July 30, 2013

Box Stores And Facebook: How Social Media Has Changed Sales

How many box stores are seeing direct sales in plants from social media? That was a question on the minds of attendees at OFA Short Course’s Grower Town Hall. Here are the thoughts of the grower panel.  “I am a Facebook advocate. We don’t get a lot of Likes each week, but we see visits and unique visits from it over a week. I can tie sales to what we’re doing on Facebook. We’re trying to get potential customers into Home Depot stores. We do talk about pricing, what’s hot this week and what’s shipping. We get a good reaction to Facebook.” “Our goal is to get on the Facebook pages of Walmart or Lowe’s. This will have huge impact on our business. It doesn’t always benefit the stores we serve, but that doesn’t bother us. It’s better for everyone involved [when plants are featured on their Facebook pages].” “The […]

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June 6, 2013

Pro-Mix Is Now On Social Media

Premier Tech Horticulture, which is among the North American leaders of peat moss-based growing media production and distribution, has recently announced the launch of its social media strategy, including the unveiling of its Pro-Mix Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for professional and amateur gardeners. Known as a customer-focused and market-driven company, Premier Tech Horticulture strongly believes that today, people are expecting constant interactive communication with brands. As a result, interacting and communicating with external audiences through both new and traditional media remain important elements. Now, with Pro-Mix, this dialogue will also take place online, via new social media platforms that are easy to access for everybody. “These Pro-Mix social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs, wikis, YouTube, etc.) present us with unique opportunities to listen to our customers and stakeholders, but also to share with people our 20 years of experience, knowledge and expertise,” says Chantal Duchesneau, marketing and […]

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March 4, 2013

Social Media How To: Rocket Farms

Branding and storytelling are a big part of how West Coast Top 100 grower Rocket Farms is using social media. Take a look at how the operation is working with public relations consultant Ashley Beleny of Environmental Relations PR to reach through to the consumer to deliver information about gardening and plants. GG: Why social media? Beleny: Social media isn’t for every company. It is for companies who can present three things: 1. Product differentiation 2. A unique point of view 3. A call to action At Rocket Farms, we are branding ourselves as more than plants; we are part of your life, a lifestyle and a range of fun, modern products that fit into every lifestyle. We use social media to convey these attributes and help us differentiate. We are building customer relations (we find ourselves answering a lot of questions) and tracking consumer response to our products to […]

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February 5, 2013

Why Parks Brothers Farm’s Jason Parks Uses Social Media

Why use social media? Communicating with others online can be a powerful tool for marketing your products, but Jason Parks of Parks Brothers Farm also uses it to keep up-to-date on the world outside the greenhouse. Here’s an inside look at who he communicates with over social media and why. 1. Why use social media?  JP: The best reason to use social media is so you can converse with people in your networks who are customers, potential customers, competitors and trolls (look it up). We use social media as a communication tool that has customer service, advertising and sales benefits depending on who you are talking to and how you are conversing with them. Customers and consumers want to talk to the people who make or grow the products they buy. They want to be able to get on their computer or smartphone and communicate with someone who is involved […]

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February 1, 2013

How Pinterest Helps Growers

Over the last year, Pinterest has blossomed into a worldwide social network. Establishing itself as a popular niche among social media channels, this photo-sharing forum has caught the attention of millions of users. So, what is Pinterest and how can it help you as a grower establish brand awareness among current and potential customers? For starters, your product is visually appealing — this social networking site is designed to allow users to share photos in an infinite number of categories from across the Web. Topics range from gardening ideas and favorite home furnishing accessories to fashion trends and delicious recipes. Photo categories can be easily customized per industry and product type, and the possibilities are endless.   Each Pinterest user has the ability to create personalized or tailored boards, which can be named based on specific products or plant varieties and genera. Once the boards have been created, related photos […]

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November 9, 2012

5 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Return On Investment

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media channels in the world. Since its inception, Facebook has branded itself as the place to connect socially with friends and fans across the globe. And, for the last few years, business owners, managers and their staff members have worked to understand and take advantage of all that Facebook has to offer. There are many benefits, including the ability to create online brand awareness and establish interactive relationships with customers and fellow industry professionals. But, some question its return on investment (ROI). For full impact, Facebook requires time, manpower and consistency, all of which can greatly impact allotted budgets for online and traditional marketing. With many grower and garden center businesses now having Facebook accounts, the next step in the social networking equation is to start evaluating how ROI is defined when applied to social media. ROI is not necessarily based […]

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October 15, 2012

Facebook Taps Seven Major Retailers To Test Buy Service

Facebook is testing a new service that will eventually allow users to collect and purchase items from major retailers, according to an article on CNBC.com. In an attempt to delve into the eCommerce market, the social media site has tapped seven major retailers — William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Neiman Marcus, Limited Brand, Victoria’s Secret, Fab.com, Michael Kors, Smith Optics and Wayfair — to test its Collections service. Collections works like Pinterest in that it allows Facebook users to gather and share products on their Timelines. The test includes the options “like,” “want” and “collect,” but Facebook will likely opt for the action that is most popular. Unlike Pinterest, however, Collections will allow users to actually purchase these products through the retailer’s website. The service is free thus far, but CNBC correspondent Julia Boorstin predicts Facebook will eventually take a cut of the proceeds from items purchased through the Collections service. […]

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July 20, 2012

#GrowSomething’s Social Media Success Story

More than 200 million Americans have registered their phone numbers on the FTC’s Do Not Call list. With DVR capabilites, 86 percent of people skip TV ads and 44 percent of direct mail is never opened. Social media, however, continues to grow. And something that becomes viral online can originate with just one person. Greenhouse Grower and Today’s Garden Center wanted to see if we could take advantage of this. So do your friends and family know the benefits of plants and flowers? That’s the question the #GrowSomething social media takeover posed to growers, retailers and gardeners this May 14 to 18, with an effort that generated more than 75,000 impression for gardening and why plants and flowers are great. “#GrowSomething really made you take a step back and take a look at things,” says Hort Couture Plants’ Jennifer Hatalski. “We lose that in the hustle and bustle in our […]

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June 5, 2012

#GrowSomething Is A Success Story

Thanks to all of you who participated in #GrowSomething social media takeover! There was a really great response to the idea. Hundreds of social media posts used the hashtag and spread the word about why gardening and plants are great. The hashtag is still being used on Twitter. You can check out #GrowSomething on Twitter here. We’re still tallying the numbers on how many impressions were generated. Take a look at Greenhouse Grower’s July issue for a complete #GrowSomething wrapup. Here are a few of the impressive posts we saw during #GrowSomething. How did you participate? Send us a screen cap or link at [email protected] or let us know in the comments below.

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May 15, 2012

It’s #GrowSomething Week!

Did you know that the smell of soil acts as a natural antidepressant? The Atlantic posted a story about how gardening can boost your mood, and it was one of the many articles shared during the first two days of #GrowSomething week. #GrowSomething participants shared Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram photos, all on why plants and flowers are great. Here’s a sample of what retailers, growers and gardeners have shared about why plants and flowers are great: @sidraisch You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt. And you might just #growsomething in the process. http://ht.ly/aTwAx @KelleeMagee Planting & watering in my first containers of the spring season is great ‘thinking time,’ it makes me happy to #GrowSomething @Proven_Winners This is 1 of the very many reasons u should #growsomething–smell of dirt acts as a natural antidepressant in humans Haven’t participated in #GrowSomething yet? No problem! The #GrowSomething […]

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May 4, 2012

For Growers, Marketing Has Been A Quick Evolution

After losing Walmart as a client and confronting customers’ new expectations, Rockwell Farms chose to adapt. In this interview, Jason Roseman, the company’s director of sales, looks back at some of the marketing developments he’s seen Rockwell Farms and other growers undergo over the last few years. GG: How do your supermarket customers’ needs differ from those of Walmart, Lowe’s and the other home improvement chains’? JR: The supermarket’s customers are different than the box stores’ or home improvement stores’. Customers at the box store have planned out that they want to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy the plants they want to plant, whereas at the supermarket level, customers are making much more of an impulse purchase. So we have to find ways to enhance the consumer experience when Mom’s got both kids on each side of her. We have to get her to pick up that […]

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