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Surging Interest In Succulents

Succulents are popping up everywhere. Highlighted as trendy new additions to wedding bouquets, table floral arrangements and even guest favors, succulents have become the wedding it-plant for 2012. Beyond the wedding market, succulents are favorites in the garden astopiary garden art, living wreaths, terrariums and miniature fairy gardens, as well as in the landscape, hanging

12 New Succulents To Consider

Rancho Tissue Technologies introduces the Rancho Collection, an exclusive selection of varieties handpicked or bred specifically for the company. The collection includes varieties such as Agave ovatifolia ‘Vanzie’, distinguished by its leaf cupping, which is much more intense than in standard ovatifolia selections. In addition to ‘Vanzie,’ the Rancho Collection’s inaugural varieties include five more

The Top Four Succulent Genera

The 1970s was a “groovy” bohemian and eclectic decade featuring sexy and diverse fashions including wide-collared shirts and tight bell-bottom jeans. A time capsule back to a ’70s home might find shag carpeting, beanbag chairs, candles and faux fur furniture–all trends that have found their way back to our post-millennial residences today. Retailers also look

Succeed With Succulents

[imageviewer] Up until recently, succulents were grouped with cacti in niche collections. But unlike their prickly counterparts, succulents have really taken off, capturing a lot of consumer and designer interest. In addition to resembling living sculpture, plants are versatile and easy to use by offering the benefits of low maintenance and low water use. Succulents

Three New Succulents From Rancho Tissue Technologies

  Rancho Tissue Technologies has introduced three new succulent varieties: Aloe hybrid ‘Delta Lights,’ Agave pygmae ‘Dragon Toes’ and Agave hybrid ‘Blue Flame’ Created by breeder Kelly Griffin exclusively for Rancho Tissue, Aloe hybrid ‘Delta Lights’ is larger in size and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its unique zigzag foliage pattern adds

Succulents: What’s Old Is New

Succulents meet consumers. Consumers meet succulents. That may be a little extreme–they aren’t complete strangers–but a familiarity of this market on a consumer level has definitely been lacking. Until now. As one grower states, succulents are far from new and with consumer tastes becoming more refined, these plant types are beginning to see a resurgence

Four New Succulents From Rancho Tissue Technology

Aloe hybrid ‘Christmas Carol,’ a small-size aloe, is one of the most spectacular for color. Trimmed in bright red, the deep green leaves also feature vibrant dark red spots along the centers of the leaves. It is best for 4- to 6-inch pots indoors or outdoors and is hardy in zones 8-11   Aloe hybrid

Showcasing Succulents & Organics

If you want to visit a neutral company that works with just about all the flower breeders, Plug Connection in Vista, Calif., is the place. In addition to facilitating a comprehensive comparison trial in new varieties against others on the market, the company selects vegetative crop categories to trial. This year it was petunias ranging

Succulents And Osteos From EuroAmerican

Everything old is new again with the Retro Succulents line. A throwback to the ’70s, Retro Succulents are unique, structural succulents that are a perfect fit for today’s busy consumers, especially those who demand the latest style without all the hassle. Plants are naturally low maintenance and durable with low water usage, forgiving even the most