April 16, 2014

Growers Find Sustainable Business Saves Money And Empowers Employees

Two growers explain the benefits their businesses are finding from sustainable certification, not only in environmental aspects, but also in better financial margins and improved business management.

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April 16, 2014

D.S. Cole Growers Is Growing With Lean Flow And Sustainable Certification

Both Lean Flow and MPS sustainability certification raise D.S. Cole Growers in New Hampshire to a level of being more professional, with tighter margins and better employee processes, says Doug Cole, the company's owner and president.

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January 2, 2014

Sellable Benefits Of Community Gardens

Community and urban gardens are increasingly popular throughout the country and are a great way to cultivate new customers and invest in the industry. By coordinating or supporting these projects, growers and retailers are connecting more deeply with their communities and introducing gardening to a new audience that previously may not have had the space, resources, knowledge or even interest to grow something of their own. According to the 2011-2012 Community Gardening Organization Survey, conducted by the American Community Gardening Association and Rutgers University, participants in community gardens identified the following benefits they received. This list is a great tool for building interest with today’s greener, more urban, more local-focused consumers: Source: Community Gardening Organization Survey 2011-2012, conducted by the American Community Gardening Association and Rutgers University.  

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December 9, 2013

Learn About Data Collection And Record Keeping In Meister Media’s Sustainability Blueprint Project

Sustainability is no longer just a trendy buzzword for greenhouse growers — it's now an everyday part of the business. To help you respond to this important trend, Meister Media Worldwide has launched The Sustainability Blueprint Project™.

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November 5, 2013

Integrated Pest Management Webinars Now Available On-Demand

MSU Extension is now offering Integrated Pest Management Academy Online, a series of online prerecorded webinars. Commercial and private core pesticide recertification credits are available for Michigan applicators.

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August 27, 2013

BioWorks Adds EcoVita To The Verdanta Family Of Biofertilizers

EcoVita, a homogeneous granular organic fertilizer, has been added to Bioworks Inc.’s Verdanta biofertilizers product family. This fertilizer will be manufactured and supplied to BioWorks by DCM Corporation of Belgium, a producer of natural and organic-based fertilizers in Western Europe. EcoVita is suitable for a wide variety of crops with its gentle release curve including:• Organic fertilization as a base nutrition in potting mixes• Leafy vegetables• Fruiting vegetables (s a top dressing) • Roses and other ornamentals The new fertilizer offers long-lasting and continuous action for 75 to 100 days and contains organic phosphorus (5 percent P2O5) for fast rooting. Nutrients in EcoVita are gradually released by the soil microbes, in addition to producing humus for better rooting and less leaching. EcoVita is OMRI Listed, making it suitable for use in organic production. “We’re pleased to introduce EcoVita 7-5-10 as our organic NPK product to complement our organic products: K-Vita 2-0-20 […]

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March 11, 2013

Daniels Plant Food Rebranded As Nature’s Source

Ball DPF has announced the launch of Nature’s Source, a rebranding in name and packaging for its seed extract-based plant fertilizer product Daniels Plant Food. The new brand will make its industry debut at California Spring Trials. “While we are proud of our heritage, we made this bold decision because we’re expanding sales to our existing market segments and entering new ones. It was a good opportunity to start with a fresh name and a modern look for all our products and packaging,” says Chance Finch, general manager for Ball DPF. “We wanted to make it obvious, beginning with our Nature’s Source brand name, to know our products are sourced from nature. Growers, contractors and gardeners can be confident that our effective and unique formulations remain unchanged. We’re excited about launching updated packaging for all our products, and especially the new ready-to-spray plant food for home gardeners.” The Nature’s Source brand […]

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February 4, 2013

BioSafe Systems And Daniels Plant Food Company Will Partner To Develop Fertilizers

BioSafe Systems has entered into a strategic partnership with Daniels Plant Food Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ball Horticulture Inc. BioSafe and Daniels have worked closely together for the past two years and will now look to further develop liquid plant food serving both the conventional and organic markets. In conjunction, BioSafe Systems will be introducing its own branded line of plant food products focusing on turf, landscape and agricultural markets. “Liquid plant food is a natural progression for our company” says Rob Larose, CEO of BioSafe Systems. “It fits perfectly into our current line of green and sustainable products, and we are excited about partnering with Daniels.” Daniels manufactures and markets both conventional and organic liquid fertilizers, using botanical extracts to provide high-value nutrition to plants. BioSafe Systems develops and markets effective and sustainable products to a wide variety of industries, including fruit and vegetable production, turf and […]

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September 27, 2012

Sustainability, Reaching Customers Matter To Gen Y

My name is Radka Martinova. I am 23 years old and from Bulgaria. I am an intern in the U.S. through the Ohio Program. To be honest, it has been the best experience in my life. I met a lot of new friends, learned more about the country and its culture and, of course, improved my English. I am currently working in a retail store in Ohio. We sell a lot of different plants that are delivered from greenhouses and farms. The State Of The Industry Everyone is familiar with the economic crisis that struck North America and then the rest of the world. The U.S. is still impacted by the economic conditions in Europe. The green industry is going through a soft recovery. Until that settles down, people live with some anxiety, and that keeps them from buying. I noticed some costumers consider our pricey products a luxury. Most […]

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June 19, 2012

Invent Sustainable Products To Earn $2,500

Ball Horticultural Company, a global plant breeding and horticulture products distributor, has teamed up with Edison Nation, an idea-to-shelf product developer and online community of inventor-entrepreneurs, to find green innovations for the professional greenhouse and nursery industry. Now through July 16, 2012, inventive gardeners and professional growers can visit EdisonNation.com/BallHorticultural to submit invention ideas that will encourage sustainable, responsible practices in horticulture production. Product ideas may include innovative new packaging, commercial production equipment or other inventive alternatives for nurseries and greenhouses that will support sustainability within the industry. It is free to join EdisonNation.com and $25 to submit one idea. “We have issued a challenge through Edison Nation for imaginative new products that will not only help make horticulture professionals more successful, but will ultimately help the environment as well,” says Ball Innovations’ Drew Effron. “As a progressive company, producing sustainable, eco-friendly products is a high priority, so we look […]

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December 8, 2011

Academic Team Dedicated To Sustainability Research

Purdue University’s Roberto Lopez, the University of New Hampshire’s Brian Krug, the University of Maine’s Stephanie Burnett and Cornell University’s Neil Mattson established the Floriculture Sustainability Research Coalition (FSRC) three years ago. The FSRC’s goal is to provide information to the greenhouse industry about sustainable growing and business practices through multi-state research and Extension activities. Here’s a look at yet another research group worth supporting and some of the projects they’re working on: Low Or No-Heat Bedding Plant Production Multi-year and collaborative research at Cornell and Purdue is shedding light on how growers in temperate climates can finish high-quality, sustainably produced bedding plants and hanging baskets with low or no heat for the Mother’s Day market. Mattson, Lopez and their students are quantifying time to flower and growth difference between bedding plants produced in a greenhouse with a temperature set point of 65°F and an unheated high tunnel.  Figure 1, […]

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October 31, 2011

‘Sustainability’ That Boosts The Bottom Line

Erik Runkle, right, interviewing experts at Wageningen University. Growers who think investments in sustainability techniques and technologies are a drain on the bottom line should make time to view a new series of videos. The series, live on TheSustainabilityInitiative.org, features Michigan State University’s Erik Runkle interviewing greenhouse growers in the United States and Holland about their sustainable practices. The project involved more than 20 greenhouse growers and industry experts who share their experiences and insights in a series of more than 40 videos. The interviews explore major issues in sustainability today, including energy, lighting, water, automation, pest control, logistics and profitability. In dozens of candid conversations shot on location in greenhouses, labs and garden centers, Runkle delves into the ways the trade is investing in sustainable solutions to increase productivity and profitability, with a sharp eye on return on investment. “We talked to a lot of people and asked tough questions,” […]

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