May 4, 2012

Delray Plants Says Marketing Is Now A Must

The Top 100 Growers were production-driven businesses just a few years ago. Many grew seemingly endless products and had the good fortune of finding buyers even in a pinch. Discounting was an option to keep product moving, and margins were favorable. Fast forward to today’s Top 100, and it’s a sales-driven group that talks largely about tighter margins and the need to have the right product on the right shelves at the right time. The truth is today’s industry is vastly different than the one many of the Top 100 originally experienced. And the strongest growers are the ones adapting their operations and tailoring products to the retailer’s needs. “You just can’t overproduce something today,” says Randy Gilde, an owner at Delray Plants. “You can move some of it, but generally if your product isn’t positioned at the right time and place for the store and its customers, you can’t […]

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April 29, 2011

Top 100 Growers: Growers Sound Off On Contract Growing

Contract growing isn’t for everyone, but the majority of the Top 100 Growers are involved in one capacity or another. Many are the principal growers of Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s who contract others to produce particular crops for their big box customers. Others are the growers taking orders from those principal growers, filling up their greenhouses when they can with 100,000 pansy flats here and 75,000 color bowls there. But regardless of whether a Top 100 Grower is involved in contract growing or not, the majority of the Top 100 (67 percent) believe contract growing is a healthy way to do business. The benefits contract growers reap are numerous, after all. “We have better space utilization, we’re able to maintain labor and spread overhead costs,” says George Lucas, the owner of Lucas Greenhouses in Monroeville, N.J. The Top 100 Growers Survey Greenhouse Grower conducted a survey earlier this year […]

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April 20, 2010

Bracing For Big Changes

Download: Top 100 Growers For even more information on this year’s Top 100 Growers list, see: Top 100 Growers: The List Download the complete findings of our survey in the Top 100 Growers Report White Paper Where are the Top 100 located? Check out our Top 100 Growers Map Breaking Down The List tracks the changes on the Top 100 Growers List compared to last year. The greenhouse floriculture industry, at this moment, is in a state of great change. Sustainability is becoming second nature, growers are taking on responsibilities that were once considered the retailer’s, and production, in many cases, is becoming more diverse with the introduction of crops that match the needs of a changing consumer base. Changes are occurring on Capitol Hill, as well, and those changes have tremendous implications for the Top 100 Growers. That’s why Greenhouse Grower puts the spotlight this year on national issues–health care, […]

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