5 New Heating Options For The Greenhouse

Five heating systems manufacturers share their latest and greatest products.

Tubing And Aluminum Heat Pipes (BioTherm)

From Megatube and MicroClimate tubing to DuoFin and StarFin aluminum heat pipe, BioTherm is dedicated to providing heat solutions that can withstand the toughest greenhouse environments. The MegaTube and MicroClimate tubing options are easy to install and ideal for bench or floor heating. The tubing has a conductive heating surface that allows for maximum root-zone heating. The DuoFin and StarFin aluminum pipe options are great for perimeter heating and melting snow trapped in the greenhouse gutter. It can also be useful for bench heating. Both pipe options provide gentle, radiant heat for plants and don’t require welding. TrueLeaf.net

Infinite Energy 2 Condensing Boiler (Delta T Solutions)

With up to 98 percent efficiency, the IE2 condensing boiler boasts a stainless steel heat exchanger with larger waterways to ensure maximum heat transfer. The product’s design ensures flexibility while leaving a smaller footprint. Black-lit visual readouts mean growers won’t struggle to read system notifications or lose track of water flow or tank temperatures. Auto-diagnostics are available for all of the IE2’s major components, such as temperature sensors and fan-speed rotation. DeltaTSolutions.com

FA Series Unit Heaters (Detroit Radiant Products)

This line of separate component, combustion unit heaters ensures your plants benefit from the freshest hot air available. It keeps harmful gasses out of the greenhouse, while the fans work to blow clean air inside. Made in Michigan, this heater includes a standard finger-proof fan guard that keeps shading systems from getting caught in the propellers. These units can also be easily integrated with other greenhouse controls systems and software. Reverberray.com

Biomass Boilers (Hurst Boiler)

With the option to fuel the boiler with everything from bark to chicken manure, Hurst Boiler gives growers plenty of options. Wood pellets cost anywhere from $200 to $300 per ton and wood chips cost a mere $55 per ton, so its good to have alternative fuel options. The company’s new line of simplified biomass boiler systems ranges from 1.5 million BTUs to 8.4 million BTUs, without the need for expensive controls and sensors. These boilers help growers operate on a smaller scale with a product designed for lighter applications. HurstBoiler.com

Effinity93 (Modine Manufacturing Company)

The name says it all: This gas-fired heater boasts a 93 percent efficiency to help growers reap the benefits of significantly lower energy costs. With 10 models ranging from 55,000 to 310,000 BTUs, there’s an option for every greenhouse. Each unit reduces carbon dioxide output by 13 percent. The company’s trademarked Conservicore technology means the units can withstand acidic condensate. Growers will also appreciate fast, low-cost installation. ModineHVAC.com


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