Automation Saves Labor And Space At Floricultura Pacific

Floricultura Pacific in Salinas, CA, specializes in delivering stock orchids quickly and cost effectively to growers in North American markets. Completed in 2011, the 10-acre Salinas facility — which serves as the North American base for parent company Floricultura — is the epitome of innovation, with labor-saving cranes, planting and spacing machines, camera-grading machines, and much more.

“The automation we employ maximizes growing space as minimal access is needed in the greenhouse,” says Don Howell, General Manager at Floricultura Pacific. “The only activities performed in the growing areas are maintenance and crop monitoring. We bring the crop to the people and don’t require them to move plants around, which is more efficient and minimizes plant damage. The end result is you need less people to perform the needed tasks and that allows us to employ highly trained people to produce the best quality product we can supply to our customers.” Learn more about Floricultura Pacific at


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