Behind The New Greenhouse Projects At Van de Wetering And Kurtz Farms

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In 2013, VB Greenhouses, a member of VB Group, was active in North America in delivering several greenhouse projects for Van de Wetering Greenhouses, Kurtz Farms, Koppert Cress USA, Ivy Acres, Geremia Farms & Greenhouses and CK Greenhouses. Check out the expansion projects at Van de Wetering Greenhouses and Kurtz Farms.

Van de Wetering Greenhouses Rebuilt After Storm Damage

When Van de Wetering Greenhouses, Jamesport, N.Y., was hit by the Nemo storm in early February 2013, it sustained significant damage, so the business decided to build a completely new greenhouse. It asked VB Greenhouses to design and construct a complete solution, and recently unveiled a modern and technologically advanced greenhouse complex.

The greenhouse is designed to produce young plants and cuttings. Van de Wetering now operates a 20-acre greenhouse complex, all delivered and built by VB. The latest expansion is more than 2.5 acres and consists of a Venlo greenhouse with a warehouse facility. The greenhouse measures 18.5 feet to the gutter, has a total of seven ventilation sections and is glazed with fully tempered glass. Both of the endwalls are executed with 16-mm polycarbonate and the warehouse with 60-mm sandwich panels. The greenhouse is equipped with a complete double screening installation with a black-out and an energy screen, and it has an internal loading dock.

VB Climate, also a member of VB Group, supplied the complete climate installation for this project, which includes a new boiler installation with condenser. In the boiler house, the existing distributor was converted and made suitable for a new underground transport net. In the greenhouse, two heating nets will be installed per department, as well as a table heating and a monorail system. The complete greenhouse is also equipped with a snow heating system direct under the gutter.



Dealing With Grade Issues At Kurtz Farms

The cooperation between Kurtz Farms and VB started in 1998. One of Kurtz Farms’ existing greenhouses was removed in July 2013 and immediately after that, the foundation works for the new greenhouse were started. Almost 100,000 square feet had to be leveled in order to build the new greenhouse at the same level as the existing greenhouses, which were also built by VB. To meet the level, a third party placed prefabricated concrete blocks. The foundation of this greenhouse is separate from the rest. The greenhouse has mostly been built on the prefabricated foundation pillars, but also partly on a concrete retaining wall to hold back soil. Because of the difference in level, the gablewalls are custom.

The existing end gable was replaced with double thickness 4-mm single glass. The greenhouse is connected to the new building by two corridors. The roof is an MX roof system. This means the complete roof is hinged and can be opened almost completely vertical. The area of the new greenhouse is almost two acres, has four departments and three interior walls. The roof is made of 4-mm tempered glass and the outside gables hold double thickness 4-mm single glass, as are the inside gables.

The greenhouse is intended for the production of pot plants and hanging plants with an Echo irrigation system. The complete heating installation was installed by VB Climate.



For more information on these projects, contact Edward Verbakel of VB Group ([email protected]) or visit the VB Group website.

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