Equipment For Efficiency

Equipment For Efficiency

Equipment For Efficiency



The new 65 Touch N’ Flow trigger valve has been completely reengineered for true professional use. The 65 offers double the flow– 11 GPM at 40 PSI–and greatly increased durability. Durability testing at Dramm shows the new 65 is similar to the company’s top-of-the-line 300 brass and aluminum valves.

Spectrum Technologies

The new FieldScout CM 1000 NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) meter uses point-and-shoot technology to instantly measure reflected light in red and near infrared spectral bands. The meter uses these measurements to calculate NDVI. The higher the NDVI measurement, the healthier the plant.

Growing Systems

The lightweight dibbler is available to accurately dibble proper diameter holes into the media of cell packs, plug trays and all other container configurations. Complete with stripper plate that allows for adjustable and uniform pin penetration into cells, flats or pots, the dibbler improves transplanting efficiency.


The iSii is an advanced greenhouse computer that allows growers to create their own cockpit of screens for optimum overviews of the entire greenhouse. iSii is clear, flexible and intelligent, managing climate factors, crop yields, costs and risks with ease.

Javo USA

The Easy Topper pot topper is a new potting machine accessory. To resist the growth of weeds, pots can be provided with a layer of weed-resisting material. The machine can be used with mulch, bark, pumice and more. Normally, the Easy Topper is used in combination with a Javo potting machine, but it can also be used as an individual unit.

McConkey Co.

The Quantum is a new ITS irrigation system. This sophisticated but user-friendly package gives growers flexibility and watering consistency required to have uniform crops ready for shipping. The system is adaptable and offers savings to help that bottom line.