Heating The Greenhouse: New Products And Custom Solutions

Heating The Greenhouse: New Products And Custom Solutions

Delta-Tube EPDM SD bench heating system

Smart heating can mean higher quality plants and lower heating costs. Take a look at these new introductions and custom solution options that could help you improve your production setup.


The Delta-Tube EPDM SD rubber tube bench heating system

Delta-Tube EPDM SD rubber tube bench heating system

Rubber tube bench heating from Delta T Solutions delivers warm water (hydronic) heat right to the soil and plant roots, which is ideal for propagation, seed germination and plug production. The Delta-TubeTM EPDM SD rubber tube bench heating system uses tubes spaced two to three inches apart to deliver warm water heat for even soil temperature, healthier plants and efficient, consistent heating. The small tube design reduces water volume and allows the system to respond quickly and efficiently, while offering resistance to temperature degradation and chemicals.

Forcas piping from Niagrow Systems

Forcas Piping From Niagrow

Niagrow Forcas piping is the most efficient way of getting heat to a greenhouse crop. The narrow diameter of the pipe radically reduces the volume of water needed, resulting in much quicker heating. This gives the grower better control and the possibility of substantial energy savings.

Forcas pipe requires virtually no maintenance; its white powder-coated cover protects against corrosion and provides maximum light reflection.

For the hands-on grower, it installs easily; tubes and couplings push together and clamp with a tube wrench ensuring a leak-free seal. Its thin wall and low water volume make it lightweight and easy to adjust with a growing crop.

L.B. White’s Therma Grow and Therma Grow Plus greenhouse heaters

LB White's Therma Grow and Therma Grow Plus greenhouse heaters

Offered in both 120,000 and 220,000 Btu/H LP or NG models, L.B. White’s Therma Grow and Therma Grow Plus greenhouse heaters operate with 99.97 percent fuel conversion efficiency, providing growers with maximum heat output per fuel dollar. Models include two-stage temperature control and easily integrate into building controls.

The Therma Grow may be mounted indoors or outdoors, allowing users to save valuable growing space. Therma Grow units also provide an environmentally friendly CO2-enriched atmosphere that exceeds all greenhouse combustion and safety standards. The biggest benefit of the Therma Grow heaters: They use 12 to 20 percent less fuel than the standard vented unit heater

PTP-series unit heaters from Modine Manufacturing

PTP-Series Unit Heater from Modine Manufacturing

Modine Manufacturing’s new PTP-series is a horizontal discharge unit heater that delivers 80 percent thermal efficiency. It includes a stainless steel tubular heat exchanger as standard on all units. The PTP also carries a 10-year heat exchanger warranty.

Other standard design features of the PTP include totally enclosed fan motors and all the controls mounted inside the cabinet for protection from airborne moisture and dust. Optional features include finger-proof fan guards for low mounting heights, two-stage controls to reduce short-cycling and temperature fluctuations at part load conditions, and field-installed adaptor kits for easy two-point suspension.

Hot water heating designs from Total Energy Group

Total Energy Group

Total Energy Group offers hot water heating designs using the Forcas steel tubing system. Thin-walled and hot-dip galvanized, finished in a white powder coating, Forcas is maintenance free. Integrated connectors at every tube and an array of fittings make it possible to install this system in place without welding.

Total Energy’s services include water treatment. To be truly effective, water treatment requires one type of material used throughout a heating system. Steel tubing combined with quality domestic heaters and controls makes that possible, ensuring a long, problem-free service life.

Overhead monorail heating from Verbakel-Bomkas

Hot water monorail heating systems from Verbakel-Bomkas

Verbakel-Bomkas’ Climate division (VB Climate) recently designed an overhead hot water monorail heating system for Kurtz Farms and CK Greenhouses, both located in Connecticut. With this system, the heat is at the right distance from the plants and the pipes function as a support of the Echo systems.

VB specializes in the delivery and installation of a large variety of different greenhouse heating systems. This specialization has led to a growing appreciation among U.S. clients, generated by supplying high-quality components and ongoing applications of new technology

Wood-fired boilers from Biomass Combustion Systems

Wood-fired boilers from Biomass Combustion Systems

Biomass Combustion Systems (BCS) announced an increased emphasis on wood-fired boilers for growers. There is very low demand in suburban areas for wood produced by landscapers and arborists. BCS provided Paul Cavicchio Greenhouses of Sudbury, Massachusetts with two wood-fired boilers. Cavicchio grinds wood onsite to produce wood chips for his BCS Boilers. Last winter Paul’s only heat expense for the greenhouses was to grind the wood.