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Wadsworth Control Systems’ STEP Up control has more functionality than the traditional STEP 50A control but costs less. STEP stands for Single Total Environmental Control, and in addition to loads of new features, the STEP Up has a new look, too.


“We decided to update our classic line of STEP controls, and the newest member has a very different look,” says Gary Dean, president of Wadsworth Control Systems.

The new device also uses a flat panel touch pad layout with a wheel to navigate, which is high tech yet simple, according to Wadsworth’s Vice President Patricia Dean.

“This easy-to-use design appeals to both traditional STEP 50 and STEP 500 users who are accustomed to the easy turn knob, but it is also familiar to iPod users who click and select by turning a virtual wheel,” she says.

To make room for the STEP Up control’s push button override switches, the dual override switches are now located on the contractor panel rather than on the main control panel. This new approach allows the grower to specify how long the equipment is on or off, which is a huge benefit for growers who forget to return the manual toggle switches to the automatic position. The timed override will prevent this from happening.

“When we showed the control to Colorado State University growers and professors, they saw tremendous benefit in using the timed override for fumigation periods,” says Patricia Dean.

Historically, the less expensive controls didn’t have an automated feature to allow growers to lock-out the ventilation program and have it automatically turn on when needed.

The STEP Up Control operates heating and cooling equipment, including energy curtains and vent automation systems. It offers two stages of heating and four stages of cooling, as well as three setpoint periods that can be set based on time or solar activity. It also logs data and stores it for seven days, and the settings are stored in memory in the event of a power failure.

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