Irrigation Innovations

Irrigation Innovations

Irrigation Innovations

Solar-Powered Fertigation/Amiad Filtration:


The Amiad Electric Fertilizer Injector (EFI) is compatible with a wide range of fertigation applications. It is programmable to deliver very precise injection rates with 2 to 5 percent accuracy. Easy to calibrate and operate, the EFI can be powered by solar panels feeding 12-volt direct current or by 110 or 220-volt AC power.

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Precise Injection/Chemilizer:

The adjustable, non-electric CP33 injector is ideally suited for fertigation. It offers an unmatched ability to inject virtually any liquid treatment without dilution and is easily adaptable to accommodate products with different injection rates. Precisely inject fertilizers, insecticides, pH controls, algaecides, fungicides, disinfectants and sprout control agents.

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Happy Hanging Baskets/Cherry Creek Systems:

The Echo System automated basket irrigation system allows for accurate measurement of water to each basket and allows fertilizer application to be consistently controlled. The system moves baskets from a central location to the greenhouse. The movement allows the baskets to receive various lighting exposures and air movement over the surface, promoting healthier growing.

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Portable Fertilization/Dosatron:

The DosaCart is a complete fertilizer/chemical management system. Standard features include polyethylene tank construction, 15-gallon tank, protective crash bar and 10-inch tires that resist flats and rust. The Quick Hookup Kit helps protect your unit and prevent cart tip over.

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Precision Dosing/Dramm:

The CD-2 Chemdose doses chemical solutions directly into pots or the root zone. The CD-2 measures doses as low as 2.5 ml with a ±1 ml precision. It connects to your injector or hydraulic sprayer at pressures lower than 100 psi. Weighing less than 10 pounds, the CD-2 can be worn on the chest or mounted on a small cart.

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Ride The Rails/Growing Systems Inc.:

The Mono-Rail Travelling Irrigator offers an economical and accurate system for uniformly irrigating plug trays and for pots. The rail also handles Mono-Rail Trolley Carts.

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Basket Irrigation/Netafim USA:

Watering hanging baskets just got easier with Netafim’s SlimLine EZ Close Weight. A new slim-shaped weight with one-handed quick close-off feature is easy to withdraw from all types of plants. Heavier for secure placement, it attaches securely to PE tubing and has no raw metal in contact with the water.

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Nursery Irrigation/Senninger Irrigation:

The PRLG (Pressure Regulator Landscape Grade) maintains constant outlet pressure and helps assure optimum applicator performance. It is 100 percent water-tested for accuracy.

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