New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

Warm & Toasty


Roberts-Gordon LLC:

The Combat by Roberts-Gordon AT-Series indirect-fired air turnover units offer heating flexibility with filtration and cooling options, as well as 48-inch extension sections to increase unit height to user specifications. The units are available in air volumes from 45,000 to 100,000 CFM.

Portable Climate Management

Climate Control Systems:

The Climate Manager works with multi micro computers, processing many instructions per second. This computing power gives the grower the ability to access their climate computer with a Web browser or Blackberry.

Work Smarter

Onset Computer:

The Temperature/RH Smart Sensor for Hobo Weather Station Products is now available. It provides reliability in humid environments and improved temperature accuracy over previous models. This version features a replaceable RH sensor and Smart Sensor design that allows plug-and-play connection to weather stations.

Green Light

EYE Lighting International:

The Hortilux LU250S/HTL/EN lamp features exclusive chemistry and global technology to deliver 30,500 initial lumens. The lamp’s enhanced energy spectrum is specifically designed to provide optimum light for plant growth from flowering to full maturity. The lamp is environmentally friendly, passing EPA criteria as nonhazardous waste. It is completely lead-free and contains less mercury than standard HPS lamps.

Grow With The New Flow

Midwest GROmaster, Inc.:

A new patent-pending overhead Ebb-Flo system was developed to solve two grower problems. Either they didn’t want to tear up existing floors to install new plumbing or they wanted the option to remove some benches to use the space for displays. The new Ebb-Flo system does this while still offering the benefits of the standard Ebb-Flo benches including savings of water, fertilizer and labor; lower humidity; lower disease levels; and less need for fungicides.

Extreme Sprayer

SOLO, Inc.:

With a heavy duty SOLO 25cc two-cycle gas engine and a high-performance, push-pull piston pump, the new SOLO 433 High Pressure Sprayer can reach a controlled operating pressure of up to 435 psi (30 bar) and achieves fine spray mist applications even at extreme heights. The sprayer is one of a new generation of “intelligent” high pressure backpack sprayers, which can achieve a flow rate of up to 2 liters per minute, has more than a 5-gallon (20 l) capacity and uses a 2-foot (60 cm) stainless steel spray lance.