New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts


Super Model GF

Delta T Solutions:


Shield tubular gas-fired unit heaters are the newest product offering in Delta T Solutions’ full line of greenhouse heating systems. Also called the Model GF, this complete heating system offers innovative features that make it a long-lasting and reliable source of safe, efficient and economical greenhouse heating. Some key product features of the Model GF heaters include stainless steel construction designed to withstand moisture and chemicals and a tubular heat exchanger for significantly longer life. 

Tough Tunnel

Agra Tech:

The Agra Hi-Tunnel is designed to cover very large areas and can withstand high winds and pounding rain. Constructed of high tensile galvanized tubing, installation is simple and requires no concrete foundation. In addition, the Agra Hi-Tunnel can be covered with Poly or cloth for further protection from undesirable climate and insects.

Sure Thing

CH2O Incorporated:

CH2O has introduced its patented Sure Flow irrigation line treatment, which promotes healthy plants by preventing the spread of plant disease and formation of crystalline mineral deposits in irrigation emitters. Sure Flow helps growers create a sterile environment by eliminating fungal, bacterial and viral pathogens from irrigation water that can cause disease or kill agricultural and ornamental plants. Sure Flow enables irrigation emitters to flow at optimum rates designed for individual plant varieties.

Lightweight Champ


New Thermoformed Round Pots are the latest addition to Dillen’s product lineup. This new container provides growers with greater flexibility to choose the container that best fits their needs. The pots feature a co-extruded barrier layer for maximum opacity, lightweight design for greater cost efficiency, precision-punched bi-level drain holes, smooth rims and stacking lugs that ensure accurate de-nesting and dispensing in automated systems.