New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

On Wheels


Not your typical wheelbarrow, Fold-A-Cart collapses in seconds for easy storage. The multi-purpose cart’s tub is made of a puncture resistant, waterproof FLEXTRON material, and available in two sizes, 6 and 9 cubic feet capacities with 150 and 400 pound payloads, respectively.

What Drought?

Natural Industries:
STASIS, unlike foliar spray anti-transpirants, is a drenched into the soil with irrigation water. Upon contact, plants naturally self-induce stomatal closing, enabling them to stay in a “drought resistant” state for up to three weeks or until normal watering is resumed.

Planters Made Easy

Ball Horticultural Company:
Designed to be plantable, time saving, and reduce transplant shock for plants, My Easy Planters can be planted directly into containers. Its slotted design allows plants’ roots to grow out of the planter and into the container’s soil. My Easy Planter comes in a number of sizes and pot capacities.

Clear (Liquid) Solution

Growth Products:
AMMOS 22-0-0 is a clear liquid fertilizer that combines the benefits of slow-release nitrogen and quick green-up provided by ammoniacal and urea nitrogens. Ideal for all areas of the country with alkaline soils, AMMOS 22-0-0 also contains 4 percent sulfur.

Multi-Faceted Bowl

With the combination of their DecoStone and Centabella lines, ITML presents the 12 Ultra Bowl, a decorative and durable lightweight-pot. With its wide base and dual drain system, the 12 Ultra Bowl is available in an array of colors and equipped with hanging capabilities.

New Fertilizer Injector

The chemical resistant housing of the new Dosatron 14 GPM offers a higher flow rate, compared to 11 GPM and accurate fertilizer injections. It also has a simplified motor piston of 17 parts versus 52, and for stress-free maintenance, no tools are required.