New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

The St. George Company:
Super Vapor

The Sulfume Sulphur Vaporizer is an effective and economical way to control powdery mildew, blackspot and Botrytis in roses and other flowers. One Sulfume will treat 1,076 square feet. Used for an eight-hour period at night, it vaporizes 2 grams of rock sulphur. The heat plate has constant temperature, and voltage is independent.


PARsource Light Solutions:
Lighting The Way

The new 1000-watt, 240-volt digital electronic e-ballast with microprocessor from PARsource Lighting Solutions is an energy-efficient light that is up to 17 percent brighter than magnetic ballasts while drawing up to 8 percent less energy. The PARsource digital e-system uses a microprocessor, which enables it to automatically power both MH and HPS lamps while giving the proper input for maximum lumens per watt output and extending lamp life up to three times. Water-resistant, compact, lightweight at under 20 pounds and silent, the PARsource e-system is also available in 400-, 600- and 750-watt configurations.

Wadsworth Control Systems:
A Step In The Right Direction

Wadsworth’s newest STEP Up Control can help save growers money and improve crop quality. It’s packed full of beneficial features, including three set point periods, six stages, cycle timer, manual overrides and more. Easy to use, the STEP Up Control reduces energy consumption, simplifying control and maintenance.

Hamilton Engineering:
Energy-Saving Boilers

Hamilton Engineering’s EVO condensing boilers offer several advantages to greenhouse growers. Designed as a condensing boiler and constructed of high-quality, 316L stainless steel, they thrive on cold return water temperatures. This eliminates the need for any mixing of hot boiler water into the return water to prevent condensing or thermal shock in conventional boilers. The EVO system operates only on demand, reducing unnecessary heat loss typically found in high-mass boilers on stand-by waiting for a call for heat from the greenhouse.