New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

Virus Detector



The HVX ImmunoStrip (above) detects Hosta Virus X and works in minutes. The ImmunoStrip has a guaranteed shelf life of one year and is portable, so tests can be administered before purchasing plants, accepting shipments or throughout the season.

Improved Fungicide

BioSafe Systems:

ZeroTol broad spectrum fungicide has been updated with a new label featuring a sleek front design and tear-away instruction booklet with helpful, easy-to-read rate charts. The redesigned label better describes the product for new users, and the instruction booklet is designed to help applicators access features and benefits of ZeroTol.

Reglazing Solution


Acrylic sheet glazing systems offer protection against the yellowing of plastic greenhouse coverings like polycarbonate. Systems can be fitted to existing structures and are adaptable to any design requirements. They’re also guaranteed not to yellow for 30 years.

Speedy Machinery


The JAVO Directomatic is a combination of the JAVO Direct potting machine and an automatic transplanter for orchids. The machine handles pot sizes from 3 3/4 to 6 inches, and capacity is about 2,000 pots per hour. The JAVO Directomatic is expected to be available in August 2008. Call 800-872-5286 

Containing Success


The new injection-molded Express 18 propagation container is highly efficient, directing roots for air root pruning with its unique angles of ledges, ribs and holes. The single unit, 25-cubic inch Express 18 neatly fits the new shuttle tray, so plants can be sorted and handled individually for grafting procedures.

Eco-Friendly Carrier

Western Pulp Products:

Molded fiber retail plug carriers for 65- and 70-millimeter plugs are economical, lightweight and biodegradable. Made from recycled Kraft paper, carriers can be curbside recycled with waste paper. An optional BioTag carrying handle, made from bio-based products such as corn and soybeans, is also biodegradable.

Total Release Fungicide

Whitmire Micro-Gen:

Fungaflor TR prevents and controls botrytis, as well as other diseases like alternaria, downy mildew, powdery mildew and rust. It’s a dry micro-pro formulation that significantly reduces the risk of spreading foliar diseases by eliminating the addition of water to your chemical applications.