New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

New Plug Tray
Blackmore Co.:


The latest addition to the Blackmore line of plug trays is the 200 Star Deep. Fluted walls give cells more strength and act as a conduit to provide more oxygen to the root zone. This tray also has an angled label ramp and 3/4-inch turned over top to give it more rigidity. Each cell is 2 1/4 inch deep with a 20 cc volume.

Smart Sensor
Dynamax, Inc.:

The WET-2 Sensor has crucial applications in precision horticulture and soil science research, usable in both soils and artificial substrates. It measures pore water conductivity (ECp) exceptionally and is often used as an indicator of the amount of fertilizer available for plant growth. It monitors nutrient levels and takes the guesswork out of monitoring crucial information quickly and accurately.

Earlier Thrips Detection
Biobest N.V.:

ThriPher is a new pheromone that contains a sexual aggregation pheromone to attract western flower thrips (Franklinella occidentalis). For a period of four to six weeks, both male and female adult thrips are attracted and lured away from their shelters. This pheromone is specific to western flower thrips, so harmless thrips and beneficial insects are not affected. The use of ThriPher in combination with Biobest’s blue Bug-Scan sticky traps allows growers to detect thrips at an earlier stage, and the pheromone lure attracts two to three times as many thrips to the sticky traps as compared to using the sticky trap alone.

Get Vertical
Conrad Fafard Inc.:

Fafard now offers its professional range of growing medium mixes and peat moss in the environmentally friendly Hi-Rise polyethylene bale. Fafard’s Hi-Rise bale can offer greenhouse growers significant savings on the labor costs associated with handling smaller packages. The bale gives growers the option of high-volume, low-waste bulk packaging, with a space-saving design that requires 30 to 45 minutes to unload a truck using a single forklift. The rugged, weatherproof poly exterior stands up to outdoor storage, even in extreme weather conditions. The Hi-Rise bulk bale contains only 133 lbs. of plastic per load, compared with 244 lbs. for 3.8 cu. ft. bales, and contains approximately 190 to 220 cu. ft of mix or 210 to 240 cu. ft. of peat moss.

Cool Covering
CO-EX Corp.:

Macrolux I.R. multiwall polycarbonate is a transparent heat controller that provides great heat reduction and a large load resistance. It offers superior protection against ultraviolet and infrared rays while letting in natural daylight. Macrolux I.R. is available in a gray 10 mm triple wall, and can also be ordered in other multiwall configurations and colors, including green and gold.

Put A Damper On Energy Costs
Aerotech Ventilation Systems:

The new Dragonfly four-door damper is currently available on Aerotech’s WF fan series. The unique, patent-pending design replaces a traditional air entry shutter and optimizes the fan’s spiral airflow pattern, offering unsurpassed energy savings. The fan installs flush to an inside wall, so the inlet guard does not extend into the building, and the damper doors close tightly against a rugged bulb seal, creating a weather-tight seal. Constant force stainless steel springs allow the damper doors to open fully when the fan is turned on and close consistently when turned off, and do not stretch or warp like coil spring. The Dragonfly Damper will be arriving on other Aerotech fan models, as well.