April 21, 2011

Spectrum Hires Horticulture Specialist

Rob Knapp joins Spectrum Technologies as the new horticulture specialist. Knapp’s responsibilities include consulting, educating and promoting research to our nursery, greenhouse and vegetable industry segments. Knapp holds a bachelor’s of science in plant and soil science from the Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. He has more than 20 years experience selling soilless growing media, fertilizers and pesticides to nurseries and greenhouses. Learn more about Spectrum online at www.specmeters.com.

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April 15, 2011

Spectrum Receives 18th AE50 Award

Spectrum Technologies recently received its 18th AE50 Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The prestigious AE50 award represents the best and brightest products developed throughout the world for the agricultural, food and biological systems industries expected to save producers time, costs and labor while improving user safety. Recognizing the need for affordable weather recording in remote microclimates, Spectrum has developed the WatchDog 1000 Series Micro Stations as user-friendly devices to capture, process and store weather history throughout the growing season. These powerful recorders present current and historical weather data, degree-day calculations and plant disease alerts on location. Create your own station with multiple sensor options or purchase pre-packaged Plant Disease, Plant Growth, or Irrigation Micro Stations. Mike Dunning, weather products manager for Spectrum, explains that the WatchDog 1000 Series Micro Stations combine the inexpensive reliability of simple data loggers with pre-packaged sensors specific to a growers […]

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March 21, 2011

New Product: Dramm’s ILF-080 In Line Filter

[imageviewer] The ILF-080 is an in line filter with hose threads for use with hand-watering tools or drip irrigation systems. This easy-to-clean filter features a stainless steel, reinforced, 80-mesh screen inside an ABS housing. The 80-mesh screen is designed to remove particles that clog watering tools. A swiveling female hose thread makes connections easy.  The ILF-080 is covered with a poly-vinyl foam for a comfortable grip. Perfect for use with the Dramm 1000PL, 750 PL and 350PL Screen-Aire, the inline filter will remove particulates that clog these and other fine nozzles.    Learn more online at www.dramm.com.

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March 18, 2011

New Dramm Filter Filters Finer Than Sand

VitroClean Green crushed glass filter media from DRAMMwater is manufactured from recycled, processed glass and is a direct replacement for silica sand and other materials in media filters. VitroClean offers you the safest, most reliable and cost effective way to upgrade your new or existing sand filter system. Designed to work in existing sand filter, VitroClean Glass Media will filter finer than sand with 20 percent less media required. Unlike sand, VitroClean media has a non-crystalline shape offering less density and more open space between grains to trap fine particulate. Because it is crushed glass, it does not degrade like sand, allowing for a greatly reduced need for replacement due to degradation of the media. Even though it is made from crushed glass, VitroClean media is safe to handle, with no jagged edges. DRAMMwater is a newly formed division of the Dramm Corporation. Focusing on water treatment for horticulture, DRAMMwater […]

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March 17, 2011

Chlorine Dioxide In Horticulture: A Technology Review

Horticultural operations are facing increasing pressure to solve sanitation issues related to water treatment. Some of the pressure is external originating from government regulations and consumer preferences. Most of the pressure, however, is internal and includes better disease management, integrating capture of irrigation runoff with recycling opportunities, elimination of biofilm and algae control. The list of available water treatment technologies is a short one. When the unusual demands of horticultural production and post-production practices are considered, the list of technologies that offers effective solutions becomes even shorter. Chlorination, ultraviolet light, chlorine dioxide, ozone, copper and peroxide comprise the list most growers are considering. This article will present a technology review of chlorine dioxide and discuss its potential to solve sanitation issues in greenhouses and nurseries. Biofilm, Sanitation’s Epicenter Biofilm is a living complex of organic and inorganic components that becomes established on surfaces that are in regular contact with water. […]

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March 10, 2011

Spectrum Receives Two AE50 Awards

Spectrum Technologies has been honored this year with two AE50 Awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. A manufacturer of weather stations, data loggers and handheld measurement devices, Spectrum was recently recognized for its LightScout DLI 100 light meter. The light meter is a one-button operated meter that measures the light “falling” on your plants. It measures PAR light (photosynthetically active radiation) and, with a push of a button, the meter runs for 24 hours and calculates your daily light integral (DLI). The DLI 100 Meter is sold in sets of three so you can compare light measurements simultaneously at three locations. The prestigious AE50 award recognizes the top 50 innovative new products produced throughout the world for the agricultural, food and biological systems industries expected to save producers time, costs and labor while improving user safety. Learn more about Spectrum Technologies online at SpecMeters.com.

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February 25, 2011

Dosatron Celebrating 25 Years

Dosatron International is celebrating 25 years of providing superior water-powered chemical dosing technology. “Since 1986, when Dosatron International was incorporated in Clearwater, Fla., much has changed in the world,” says Dosatron President Eddy Kelly. “However, one thing has remained constant: Dosatron’s goal to create a business built on excellent relationships, not just sales. It has been a great 25 years and we want to thank the people who have made the difference, our clients and the Dosatron team of employees to whom we owe much of our success. “Over the past 25 years, Dosatron has focused on listening to its customers and then resolving the problems they have encountered. Looking to the future, Dosatron is committed to continuing that focus, offering reliable and accurate chemical management solutions.” Since 1974, when the first Dosatron was manufactured, superior engineering has been a common goal. Over the last 25 years, there have been […]

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February 23, 2011

Warr Joins Netafim

Scott Warr has been named Netafim USA‘s business development manager for its Agriculture Division. Warr will focus on tactical and strategic plans for the Agricultural Division including support of local market initiatives. “Scott Warr’s extensive background in the irrigation industry will be a great asset for our team,” says Todd Rinkenberger, director of marketing and sales of the Agriculture Division. Warr most recently served as a public agency account manager and regional sales manager for another irrigation manufacturer.

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January 27, 2011

BFG Adds Sales Rep

BFG Supply Co., a horticultural distributor serving customers in the Great Lakes, Midwest and Great Plains regions of the United States, has appointed Jon Ackerman as a new field sales representative in its western region. Ackerman will primarily handle the Minneapolis area as a territory. Ackerman has more than five years experience in the horticultural industry with previous positions at Bailey Nurseries and Garden World.

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January 24, 2011

Delta T Solutions To Offer Customized Growing Systems

Delta T Solutions, a manufacturer and designer of hydronic greenhouse heating systems, has agreed to offer complete Filtrexx Agricultural System packages for growers. This innovative technology uses GardenSoxx portable compost-filled mesh containment system for healthy, safe, high-yield growing. It is especially suited to high-tunnel applications. Filtrexx systems provide a completely customized growing media made of bio-based materials like compost, within a strong mesh “sock” designed to meet the needs of growers’ individual operations. This method of growing offers a superior cultural system with these advantages: –Proper moisture, air circulation, and drainage–Slow-release of nutrients with high retention–High biological activity This renewable method helps to increase yields in both conventional and organic systems, provides efficient water use, and can extend the growing season. The easy-to-install growing systems are a more convenient and economic alternative to coir bags or hydroponic growing systems. Other advantages of GardenSoxx include: –Reduced disease–Low weed pressure–Reduced insects–More oxygen […]

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January 19, 2011

Blooming Nursery Is Saving With Solar

Dinsdale, whose Blooming Nursery just southwest of Portland is close to celebrating its 30th anniversary, chose solar energy to reduce the natural gas she was using to heat her greenhouse ranges that house a diverse portfolio of hardy perennials and other plants. One of the main reasons for the switch, she says, was to bring down energy costs. “Our biggest input is labor,” she says. “Our second biggest input is energy.” Why Solar? A motivating factor that steered Dinsdale toward solar energy is an Oregon business energy tax credit equal to 50 percent of the total cost of the solar project. The credit can be amortized over a period of at least five years. “It wouldn’t have made sense to do a project of this magnitude without the tax assistance,” she says. While Dinsdale will have more of a tax credit than she can most likely use on her personal […]

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January 6, 2011

Upcoming Water Education Alliance Events

The Water Education Alliance is hosting an educational webinar on nutritional aspects of water quality January 20 at 2 p.m. ET. The Blackmore Company’s Bill Argo will lead the 30-minute presentation. Register for the webinar at WaterEducationAlliance.org. Additionally, the alliance will conduct a two-day workshop February 2 and 3 in Aurora, Ore. The workshop is broadly focused on water management for floriculture and nursery crops. Registration is $80 per person if completed by January 15. Tours of Monrovia and Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas are included. Learn more here.

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