Scale Back On Water And Reduce Labor With Capillary Mats

WaterPulse has struck a chord with growers and retailers alike, with its innovative capillary irrigation mats made with patent pending, geo-textile technology. The mats have garnered attention from commercial growers, nurseries, and retailers who have seen water savings upwards of 70%.


According to President Jim Hefferman, while many retailers are overwatering their plants through the use of overhead irrigation systems, WaterPulse’s unique technology allows water to penetrate the root zone first, maximizing uptake, and minimizing waste.

“A watering wand puts out 11 gallons a minute, and the emitters put out 0.71 gallons of water in the same amount of time. Furthermore, the 11 gallons of water is being grossly wasted because you’re watering the concrete and other areas that aren’t relevant to production,” Hefferman says.

The company’s facility in Arkansas develops custom-sized mats that can be made to fit shipping racks, retail displays, and other special growing configurations.

Education Is Key

Because the products are the first of their kind in the market, Hefferman explains that educating both current and potential clients has been a critical component of their success.

“When you’re first to market, you’ve got to change the way that people work, and that can take time,” Hefferman says.

Check out the slideshow to see how the WaterPulse system works. To find out more about WaterPulse’s irrigation technology and its applications in grower operation and at retail, visit

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