June 27, 2007

Virtual Greenhouse

Build the perfect greenhouse or upgrade your existing facilities by experimenting via computer. Find out how much it costs to heat with different fuels, heating schedules, heaters, building designs and materials. Download the software developed by USDA’s Agricultural Research Service in Toledo, Ohio, at: http://www.ars.usda.gov/services/software/download.htm?softwareid=108

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May 16, 2007

Fire At Bonnie Plant Farm

A fire broke out Monday afternoon at Bonnie Plant Farm’s greenhouses in Nora Springs, Iowa, resulting in the loss of $45,000 worth of tomatoes, flowers and herbs. For the news story, visit: http://www.greenhousegrower.com/bridge/wcfcourier.html

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February 21, 2007

Growers And Retailers Share Snow Stories

On The Radio In Buffalo We are a full-service retail florist in Buffalo, N.Y., with a half acre of greenhouses. We had our localized storm on Oct. 12 and 13, where 22 inches of snow brought down tree branches that had not shed their leaves. Eighty percent of the area was without power for several days and we lost 240 panes in the greenhouses. Hortica Insurance took care of this nicely. For Valentine’s Day, we had about 400 deliveries to make in one day. The threat of the storm was frightening, but love must prevail. Our talk radio station, WBEN, where we were advertising called my brother Frank (the oice in our ads and dispatcher of our drivers) on Tuesday afternoon to ask if they could do an on-air phone interview on Valentine’s morning, which he agreed to. The next morning they announced they would be interviewing Frank Mischler of […]

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