Grower Direct Farms

City: Somers, Conn.

Owner: Len and Elaine VanWingerden


Environmentally controlled square footage: 785,000

Shade house square footage: 217,800

Field production square footage: 516,000

Number of offshore facilities: 0

Percentage of production space under permanent environmentally controlled structure devoted to each crop:

Ornamental bedding plants 71% 
Flowering potted plants  20%
Container perennials  7%
Vegetables   1%
Other  1%

Which stores do you serve? Home Depot, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Whole Foods, Big Y, Shaws, independent garden centers

If your operation does have a renewable energy system, how does its efficiency compare to the fossil-fuel systems you’ve used in the past?
The renewable system is equally efficient.

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  1. Patrick Tonglet

    I purchased some of your cherries from Walmart they are delicious,I just wanted to know what type of cherry they are.Thank You,Patrick Tonglet