Hiebert Greenhouse of South Dakota

City: Sioux Falls, S.D.

Website: HiebertGreenhouse.com

Environmentally controlled square footage:

Percentage of production space under permanent environmentally controlled structure devoted to each crop:

 Ornamental bedding plants50%
Flowering potted plants20%
Potted foliage2%
Container perennials10%
Plugs and propagation material5%
Woody ornamentals3%

Percentage of sales by customer.

Home improvement chains5
Independent garden centers18
Mass merchandisers55
Other growers7
Retail florists3
Supermarket chains10
Wholesale florists/brokers2

What’s the best way to describe your greenhouse operation and its role in contract growing?

We produce plant material for other growers through contracts AND contract other growers to produce material for us.

Can you describe how involved your operation is in the production of crops other growers are contracted to produce for you? How involved are other growers in your business?

We ask for there growing techniques and follow suit to make sure product hits their target goals.

Anything you’d like to add about contract growing?

Healthy way to do business if you have unused space, still much better to grow for yourself as much as possible.

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