Lucas Greenhouses

Lucas Greenhouses

City: Monroeville, N.J.

Owner: George and Louise Lucas


Environmentally controlled square footage: 770,000

Shade house square footage: 0

Field production square footage: 1,400,000

Number of offshore facilities: 0

Percentage of production space under permanent environmentally controlled structure devoted to each crop:

Ornamental bedding plants 15% 
Flowering potted plants  42%
Container perennials  2%
Plugs and propagation material  40%
Vegetables   0.5%
Herbs  0.5%

Which stores do you serve: Independent garden centers, wholesale florists/brokers, other growers, and Acme supermarkets

15. Do you have any comments about the current state of health care or potential health care reform and its impact on your operation?
Health care is a major expense to my business. I do not believe it should be my or my business’ responsibility to provide health care for my employees. It is a benefit and should not be mandatory. Who is going to pay my health care when I retire or sell my business? ME. The cost of care needs to be controlled by the controlling costs that make it go up. Ridiculous lawsuits and the cost of insurance for doctors. If we have a national health care system will I have to provide food next? Let capitalism work and make people work for what they need. Handouts only cause people to become more lazy. Do most working Americans even know what their health care plans cost their employers? Do they care?

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