Paul Ecke Ranch/Ecke Geraniums LLC

City: Encinitas, CA

Owner: Paul Ecke III


Environmentally controlled square footage: 5,413,891

Shade house square footage: 0

Field production square footage: 0

Number of offshore facilities: 2

Percentage of production space under permanent environmentally controlled structure devoted to each crop:

Plugs and propagation material 20%
Stock production 80%

Which stores do you serve: Other growers

Do you have any comments about the current state of health care or potential health care reform and its impact on your operation? Or, would you like to elaborate on any of the questions on this page?
This year we project a 10% increase in the cost of healthcare. Although this is lower than originally projected, it is on top of multiple annual increases. Our highest cost is in insuring out of state employees and the excessive premiums placed on these people.

Do you have any comments about the current state of the greenhouse floriculture industry?
Consolidation at many levels continues with growers supplying retailers and breeder consolidation topping the chart. Retailers want higher quality and fresh product displayed at retail. Many retailers are being more aggressive toward this target. Retailers are now looking at higher values and not just lower pricing. New product that is distinct, different with higher value stands out! The need for margin is driving tighter speculation by retailers, growers and producers. Growers sell out and speculate less. This type of behavior in our industry has forced growers to pull out costs, get leaner and focus on inventory management. Retailers are beginning to recognize growth potential in the economy and are beginning to price and push programs where they have an opportunity along with growers to build revenue over the next few years. These are the time for change, time to embrace change in our industry!

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  1. B&L's Wildwood Greenhouses

    We have 3-100'x20' greenhouses.This is our first year on our own. We are looking for supplyers of things we need to run our greenhouses. We use seeds -plugs – plants – bareroot (like schrubs and trees). A general greenhouse. Please send your books to : Linda Wesner 14244 Rock Hill Lane Mountain,WI. 54149 920-764-0554 is my cell# Thank you, Linda