Rocket Farms To Be Honored At Economic Vitality Awards

Rocket Farms will be honored Feb. 5 at Monterey County’s 15th annual Economic Vitality Awards for its impactful contribution to the local economy.

The Economic Vitality Award is presented annually by the Monterey County Business Council, a non-profit group of individuals who are interested in shaping the future of Monterey County and have a vested interest in the economic vitality of the community. The Monterey County Business Council will recognize seven companies who drive our economies as leaders in their respective industries.

As the fourth largest grower in the country, Rocket Farms boasts 5.5 million square feet of growing space in its nine facilities. The company provides year-round employment for 300 people and is active in supporting non-profit organizations and local school fundraisers.

Rocket Farms was also recently recognized by PG&E for its implementation of drastic energy savings measures – the equivalent of powering 614 homes for a year, reducing the demand on the region’s energy grid and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

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