Yoder Free From White Rust

Recent reports of Chrysanthemum White Rust in the Northeast led to inspections at Yoder Brothers’ facilities in Florida this month.

In separate inspections of Yoder’s facilities in Alva and Parris, Fla., on Oct. 4 and 5, USDA authority for Chrysanthemum White Rust (CWR), Dr. Anwar Rizvi, determined both facilities were clean of CWR, according to Yoder’s marketing Director Chris Kelleher.

“Ongoing details regarding Yoder varieties and recent CWR outbreaks in the Northeast will be forthcoming,” she says. “However, the inspection has verified that the outbreak did not originate in Yoder stock, but was most likely caused by exposure to diseased cut chrysanthemums from overseas that were shipped to nearby locations of affected facilities.”

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