Another Great Year For Greenhouse Xchange

We are pleased to report there was no sophomore slump for our second annual Greenhouse Xchange this week in Carefree, Ariz. In fact, we’re really happy with the growth in participation and momentum that is building for this unique program in our industry.

This is the second year Greenhouse Grower has partnered with Vertical Xchange in Minnesota to bring buyers and sellers together in a business retreat that is a wonderful networking experience. The program was developed to connect leading suppliers of greenhouse products and services with the owners from top greenhouse operations in the United States and Canada.

About 120 industry members participated, representing 24 vendor companies and 29 growing operations. In addition to enjoying fellowship with the entire group during meals, we got down to business and facilitated more than 320 private strategic meetings over the course of two days. Talk about efficiency! Where else can you do that?

Last year we had 14 vendors and 20 growers. We are pleased with not only the retention of most of that base, but the influx of many new participants this year.

The grand finale was last night’s dinner, when veteran growers Randy Tagawa, Norm White, Jerry Tuinier and Todd Johnson stood up and addressed the group and pledged their commitment to help us grow the program and enhance it for growers and vendors alike.

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