In an increasingly multi-media world, a publication’s market coverage cannot be evaluated solely by analyzing its print circulation. Print magazine circulation is indeed important, which is why Greenhouse Grower continues to invest as heavily in its circulation and independent, third-party BPA audit. But we also strive to provide marketers with maximum value and market reach via our enews and online reader engagement. The metrics on our enewsletter and online efforts illustrate that we are successfully doing this.

For Greenhouse Grower magazine, our goal is to supply marketers with complete coverage of those individuals responsible for product purchasing within the professional greenhouse industry as well as exposure to key influencers throughout the industry. This complete coverage enables marketers to efficiently advertise their products to greenhouse growers on a regular basis.


We believe there are approximately 15,000 commercial greenhouse businesses in the United States. (A commercial greenhouse operation is defined as one that exists to derive revenue from the production and sale of annual and perennial floriculture and foliage crops with at least 2,000 square feet of production under cover.) It is estimated that these companies operate as many as16,000 unique growing locations across the country.

Our goal is to deliver one direct-request copy of Greenhouse Grower magazine into every commercial greenhouse operation in the country. In addition, we will allow multiple copies to be served to growing operations reporting at least 100,000 square feet of production under cover.