Biopots Update

What a difference a year makes. Biodegradable pot manufacturers are seeing more interest from growers and retailers than ever before.

Heading out to the Farwest Show, Gary McColeman, who represents Biopots in North America said, "It seemed that many attendees at OFA received the environmental call. (It truly appears to be evangelical!) We were kept busy throughout the show. The response and quality of visitors to our booth was most encouraging. Several exhibitors featured plants grown in biodegradable pots. It was also good to see other environmental options being featured. The more the merrier!"

Potential customers he mentioned are Top 100 growers and a Wal-Mart buyer. Big box retailers are more interested in sustainable packaging.

McColeman also is working with a leading blooming potted plant grower to test production of miniature roses. "It’s an eight-month crop cycle, so we’ll be anxious to see how the Biopots stand up," he said.

For more information, click here for the Biopots Web site.

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