Black Friday Back At Home Depot

Home Depot is running a weekend promotion in Florida called "Black Friday is Back,” with a direct-mail campaign and a store circular with discounts and promotions. Lowe’s has responded with a six-page direct mail tab with its own apromotions.

Few green goods were discounted in the Home Depot and Lowe’s promotions in Florida. Vegetables were, however, widely promoted more than annuals or perennials. More than 50 percent of both tabs were focused on the Outdoor Living category.

“Spring is our Christmas,” says Craig Menear, Home Depot’s executive vice president for merchandising, in a statement released March 18. “Traffic in our stores is at its highest during the spring season as customers look to take on outdoor projects to improve the appearance of their homes. We want to give them the best deals possible to meet all of their outdoor needs.”

Home Depot’s sales will roll out on a market-by-market basis dependent on climate and geography. Southern and Western states will see the sales starting this weekend, while Northern states will see them later.

Below are some of the green goods Home Depot and Lowe’s promoted last weekend. The information was provided by marketing consultant Jerry Montgomery.

Home Depot

Normal Price Sale Price Comments
606 annuals 1.48 1.48 Buy one, get one free
12-inch premium HB 12.98 9.99 Geraniums-New Guinea impatiens
4.5-inch annuals 0.99 0.99  
PW 4.5-inch 3.97 3.97  
Bonnie 4-inch vegetable 2.98 2.98  
Bonnie 5-inch vegetable 3.48 3.48  
Fern 10-inch HB 8.97 7.00  
Bonnie 1G 5.98 5.98  


Normal Price Sale Price Comments
606 annuals 1.78 0.99  
Tomato quart 3.48 2.98 generic item
GCS premium annuals 3.48 3.48  
GCS 8-inch perennials 7.98 7.98  
Bonnie 5-inch vegetable 3.48 3.48  
10-inch HB basic 6.98 6.98  
Wave petunias 4.5-inch 2.48 2.00  
Knockout Rose 1 gallon 8.98 7.98  

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About the author: Jerry Montgomery is a 40-year veteran of the floriculture industry and has worked for distributor companies, breeders and large growers specializing with a focus on sales and marketing. As an industry consultant, he works for large growers, distributors and breeder/producers. His focus is to understand the market dynamics from breeder to consumer through intense retail travel, visiting almost 1,500 stores since January 2008.

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