Calculate Combos When Ordering Liners

Pleasant View Gardens in Loudon, N.H., has created a Combination Calcualtor to help growers and retailers through the creative combination container process and get back to the growing bench.

The combination calculator is an online tool available at that allows growers to search through predetermined combinations based on type of container, season and exposure. For each resulting combination, the user is given a planting diaram, the container size and numbers of each variety needed for the recipe. The user can then input desired numbers of that particular combination and the Combination Calculator determines how many trays of each variety needs to be ordered.

The calculator will even let users know how many extra liners will be left over for additional 4.5-inch pot or basket production. Just print out the Combination Calculator sheet and call in the order.

Always looking for ways to solve problems for grower customers, Pleasant View also has rolled out a Plant & Ship Program to help growers save labor. Pleasant View’s enhanced Liners are transplanted into 4.5-inch containers in self-symetricized display trays. They arrive ready to finish and sell.

"There is a concern in our industry about the availability of a labor force and the ever-increasing costs involved with that," says Mike Montler, territory account manager for Pleasant View. "The Plant & Ship Program directly addresses this concern, taking the labor costs of initial production out of the equation."

The preprogrammed Enhanced Liners further reduce labor and inputs. They arrive with buds already initiated and a well-branching habit, ensuring consistency in performance and flowering, while reducing production time and increasing crop turns.

"With pre-programmed Enhanced Liners, production times for crops that would normally take 6-7 weeks are now reduced to 3-4 weeks," Montler says. "With space and time so precious each spring, this really helps growers increase their production and their profit per square foot."

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