Compact SunPatiens Hit Market

Compact SunPatiens Hit Market

VIVA! has introduced a line of compact SunPatiens that feature five new varieties suitable for quart containers.

The compact series joins VIVA!’s vigorous SunPatiens, which grow to heights of 24-28 inches. The compact SunPatiens won’t necessarily reach those heights, but they’ll serve well as window or patio plants in hotter climates.


This new series, marketed by Floragem, will be available exclusively at all Home Depot garden centers in mid-to-late May.

“Landscapers and consumers are looking for low-maintenance annuals, and SunPatiens offer full color in hot all-day sun with minimal care,” said Ray French, product manager at Floragem. “Feedback from the landscape trade has been very positive. SunPatiens show off in full sun areas.”

Sakata Seed America and the Ecke Ranch helped make the compact SunPatiens possible.

“Sakata as the flower breeder was very supportive of using consumer marketing in major magazines such as Southern Living and Sunset,” said Lisa Heredia, who was recently promoted to marketing manager at Floragem. “Connecting the breeder, retailer and consumer allows VIVA! to tell the story of the plant.”

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